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    Driver for nForce4 LAN

    same here... oh good i'm not alone. my pc is a m8330f hp Pat
  2. pfeckert

    HP m8330f

    turned on the firewire and POOOOOOF it loaded created account ect. new problem no ethernet doesnt even recognize my nvidia onboard controller :-( any ideas?
  3. pfeckert

    HP m8330f

    thank you very much did exactly what you said and it worked. I got the welcome video setup you mac but now im stuck on the transfer portion AAAAArrrrgh!. Pat
  4. pfeckert

    HP m8330f

    here are some more pics pic 25 was loaded with a "-v" and the rar file is a 3gp mov of the boot process. sorry bout the quality. Pat.. Please help. the pics shown here is from the end of the little movie of the boot. you have a hp m8330f? pat MOV_0003_1.part1.rar MOV_0003_1.part2.rar MOV_0003_1.part3.rar
  5. pfeckert

    HP m8330f

    like i mentioned before I performed an good install. but now it wont load the os. here are some screen photos. the problem i am having is the grey screen with the apple and circle withe the line thru it. please help the pc is a hp m8330f
  6. pfeckert

    HP m8330f

    any ideas ?
  7. i got osx 10.5.4 to install completely but now upon restart to load the os it hangs :-( Pat i had the same problem. Then I went and used 10.5.4 and it had a perfect install. But it will only boot to the grey apple screen then it reboots. Pat
  8. pfeckert

    HP m8330f

    please help! I got as far as going thru the whole installation of the Os X os. It finishes the install and then time for reboot. reboot: loads part way even with all the switches. then reboots :-( Please help. Pat