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    ASUS MB with AMD3200+

    So i downloaded the original 10.4.5/1.4.5 and it didnt work. So i figured id try the myzar version.. downloaded and did the same thing no keyboard or mouse available to click the OK button at the select a language screen..... weird thing is i had the old tigerx86 version running? Anyone got it to work with a asus&amd combo? or anyone know of a way around the damn keyboard/mouse problem?!
  2. arcadeape.com

    Pentium D 805 Booting in 9 seconds!

    Im curious what install did you use? ive got close to the same system you got systematically anyway.... i can boot this DVD installer but than i cant select anything cause my damn keyboard/mouse dont work...... But even then i know its cool to get it up and running, hence why i want to do it. But really what programs and how functional is the OS?!
  3. arcadeape.com

    Pentium D 805 Booting in 9 seconds!

    SO i dont get it your timing your boot up times, and comparing it to being as useful as a powerbook.. but still isnt this a hacked version for the best use of the word. I mean how many programs can you actually run on it....and how usefully really is it?
  4. arcadeape.com

    Mac OS X 10.4.4/5 osx86 Patched Bootable DVD

    Hymm. so ive got it booted but im stuck at the Choose English as the main language as i cant use either my mouse or keyboard.... i tried plugging in a PS2 keyboard but to no avail.. any suggestions?
  5. Hey all quick question here... Ive got a SATA drive that has my main OS (winxp pro) on it, i have available a USB external drive and i could allways throw a IDE drive in there just to boot MacOS off? anyone ever installed it to a external drive? Is it even possible? Also on a side note I got the DVD that the thread was started about but now im weary about trying to install it since im running a AMD64 3200+...... I did have the old tiger-x86 build running with Maxxuss SSE2 amd patch and all that jazz i just wanted to try out the new one. Should i even attempt it using this or no, and try to find the Myzar files..
  6. arcadeape.com

    Mac OS X 10.4.4/5 osx86 Patched Bootable DVD

    Hey all, so ive got a AMD64 3200+ with 1.5gb ram on a ASUS K8VSE deluxe - Nvidia 6600GT and the whole works.. Since i run my main OS winxpPRO on my SATA drive, is it possible to use my external USB drive to install this 10.4.5 DVD on? Also the name of the file i got was osx86_10.4.5_amd-intel_sse2-3.iso Anyone had any luck with that one?