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  1. Hello, I installed Snow Leopard 10.6.8 on a Gigabyte GA-Z77M-D3H, core i7 Ivy Bridge, nVidia 9800GT graphics card, using LegacyAppleAHCIPort.kext for SATA to be recognized, NVEnabler.kext for the nVidia card. Everything is working, except I noticed the graphics are not fast as it should be - actually it's kinda choppy. The card seems to be recognized by the system, system profiler shows it as it should be, it really seems to be working fine - the thing is, the more disk access, the more slow are the graphics. Tried with an 8600GT, same thing. I confess that SATA is not really my field of expertise, and I googled a lot for similar symptoms and I found nothing. If it were on a standard PC I would dare to say that the graphics card and the SATA controller are competing for the same IRQ, but this one uses UEFI and it's completely different. Am I using the wrong kext for SATA? I couldn't make it boot without so far without this one. Please help!!! Many thanks.
  2. Shailua - thanks for your effort - however is it possible to complie the kext to be used with Snow Leopard? I'm desperately needing it... thanks...
  3. There is a WAY easier method to bypass the system check... just copy the eLicenserControl.pkg file to another location, right-click to show package contents, and DELETE the files InstallationCheck and InstallationCheck_Script.sh . Close the window and run the patched package installer, should work fine. Simple like that.
  4. voxxdigital

    Updating from 10.4.10 to 10.4.11

    Yes, didn´t find a way here as well. Search has not been my friend. Actually, I'd like to know if is there a way to update to 10.4.11 with EFI/GUID.
  5. voxxdigital

    ALC662 No Sound with taruga's patch

    Same here. Working with "generic Azalia" (stereo out only) for the time being. 66s codec + Taruga patcher is a no go for now.
  6. voxxdigital

    Azalia Drivers and 5.1 surraund

    Really? How did you make it work? Does it require any special kext?
  7. voxxdigital

    Por favor ajudem...

    Azedou a marmita. Pra mim o Natit Dual funciona com a saída VGA (d-sub analógica). Nada de DVI, só uma tela negra da morte. Tentei arrumar os device-id' s para a minha placa (GeForce 8600GT 512), mas assim mesmo não rola. Pela VGA, ok, mas nada de DVI. Mesma coisa com o NVinject 2.1. Alguma idéia? HELP!
  8. voxxdigital

    Working codec dump for alc662?

    Not working here. Trying on an Asus P5KPL (ALC662) - used Taruga's Patcher 1.20 and the ALC662 codec previded here by limneos - everything recognized, everything shows in system preferences and Audio MIDI Setup, but can't change volume setting and I hear no actual audio at all. Any ideas? EDIT: working with the "generic" output-only AppleAzalia from Kakyway 10.5.1 DVD. But that's output only, of course.
  9. voxxdigital

    ALC662 doesn't work

    Is there any ALC662 audio driver available? Can one hack any existing driver to work with ALC662?? Search engine is NOT working! HELP!
  10. voxxdigital

    Help! Sound ALC662

    Same problem here, search engine is NOT working!!! HELP!
  11. voxxdigital

    Help- Atheros L2 Fast ethernet 10/100 base-T

    using Kalyway 10.5.1 by the way.
  12. voxxdigital

    What about Atheros L2 Lan Driver?

    HA! P5GC-MX/1333 here too. Same problem, no ethernet here. Plus, I plugged in a RTL8139-based PCI net card and no dice - recognized, but can't connect.Anyone suffering from "appropriated memory" here with this motherboard? Any workaround?Oh, well...
  13. voxxdigital

    Help- Atheros L2 Fast ethernet 10/100 base-T

    Same situation here. Oh, well.
  14. voxxdigital


    minnie, did you ever fix your problem?
  15. I have a perfectly working OSX86 install (10.4.10) but I need more space on the boot disk because of some software I need to install (must be on the boot drive). I already managed to clone my install but I needed to reformat the drive I used to clone the system and now I tried to clone again but there is no way in hell I can make it boot! I partitioned it as MBR, I manually set the partition as active, I cloned everything from the working drive (as I used to do), tried Carbon Copy Cloner and Super Duper, no dice. I even tried to make a new install of the system on the destination drive then clone my system over it, but it did't even boot from the fresh install in the first place. Both drives are connected to the ATA bus and are identical. Actually, connected to separate ATA busses, so both of them are set as master. The only difference is that the working drive is partitioned in two and I need to use the whole drive (hence the clone). Any thoughts? HELP!