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  1. hi that is strange i dont have any problem with my DVD writer wifi i didnt tried but i have no problem with my internet lan everything seems to work fine i have windows in my system too but i have 2 different hard drive so i use the Asus boot up F8 key to switch different hard drive these days i am testing the lion so far i did got it running and seems to work fine too will see if i have time to post a guide too for lion
  2. Hi guys i already installed leopard (iATKOS) and snow leopard iATKOS S3 v2 on my backup computer, running great without any problem Q6700 P5K-E 2x2GB 1066 BFG 1GB 250GTS 500GB sata but i had problems with my main computer and finally i done it and found the easiest way to do it. NO MOD bios needed it might work not for you but it really worked for me. specially i found that the Video card is very important, i found that the 250GTs is easier to install than ATI video cards my system: Q9450 Asus P5Q3 DELUXE 1600 G.skill 2x2GB BFG 1GB 250GTS OC 500GB Sata -------------------------- do it at your own risk ok? it is safer that you install the new snow leopard on a different hard drive and remove or disconnect any other hard drive for precaution. i am just let you know that this method works for me. it doesnt mean that i know how to help you to install your computer ok? so unless you have the same setup as mine, please dont ask me for help because i dont know how to help you. --------------------------- first what you need is copy of iAtkos S3 V2 (google it and download it burn it on a DVD) copy of 10.6.6 combo update from apple.com copy of a driver for 200 series GeForce card from EVGA (there is only 1 driver for MAC, it is for 285 GTX but works for my 250 GTS) ----------------------------- before installation you just need to change 2 setting from the P5Q3 deluxe BIOS ( i have the 1609 stock Version ) you dont need to update the bios to a MOD version, just change these: under main > storage configuration > change IDE to AHCI under Boot > boot device priority > change to boot from DVD then go to Exit and save ----------------------------- put your iATKOS S3 v2 in your dvd and boot from your DVD you should see the apple logo, just wait for 5~10 min and you should have the to select the language. under Utilities menu > Run Disk Utility remember the hard drive will be swipe clean !!!!!!!!!! click on target hard drive click partition click current and change to 1 (if you dont want to create a separate partition) or 2 (if you want a storage partition) click partition 1 and give it an easy name no space ( i named mine SnowHD ) under format : select mac os extended ( case-sensitive, journaled) click option : select GPT (Guid Partition Table) click partition 2 and give it an easy name no space ( i named mine SnowStorage ) under format : select mac os extended ( case-sensitive, journaled) then click apply there will be a warning and continue after the hard drive is prepared exit the disk utility ------------------------------------------ click next

Select the destination hard drive for installation ( SnowHD ) 

Click Customize ( again use it at your own risk ! ) remember my setup might not be the same as yours ! this is what i selected on the customize installation : under Bootloader change to Chameleon v2 RC5 Driver > Main Hardware > SATA/IDE check AHCI Sata check intel Sata/IDE (don't know if need it but i did it anyways) VGA > Check nvidia Network > wired > check marvel done! click ok Click Install.

Install time is about 20 minutes.

after it will reboot ------------------------------ before it reboot, go back to bios setting and change back the boot > boot priority change it to your hard drive ( that way it will boot from your hard drive and not the DVD ) exit and save ---------------------------------- if everything went ok you should see the welcome menu register make sure that everything is working my computer - everything was running good lan was working ( i use only 1 lan, did not try the wifi or second lan ) audio was working graphic was working but i didnt not get the QE i didnt not try the Sleep but shut down works now you have running snow leopard 10.6.3 ------------------------------------- to update to 10.6.6 snow leopard install the combo update 10.6.6 from apple it should take 10 min and it will reboot like before and everything should be the same and this time you have to inject the driver for the 250GTS to get the QE working use finder type "extra" and search click the + sign next to the save button click kind and scroll down to find file visibility and click it next to file visibility - change visible items to invisible items there should be 2 EXTRA FOLDERS 1 for the SnowHD 2 for the iATKOS dvd double click extra folder for the SnowHD you should see another folder extensions copy the NVinject.kext that you downloaded from EVGA into the extension folder reboot and you should have QE i know for sure because before i install the driver from EVGA i couldnot start imovie - tell me my video card is no QE after i install the NVinject.kext reboot and it works -------------------------------------- hope this will help someone i tried to install snow leopard on this setup last dec but never got it to work and i didnt want to install MODDED bios but i got it working because i did not change the IDE to AHCI on the bios when installing iAtkos S3 v2 but after i updated it to 10.6.6 and was running good i switch it back from AHCI to IDE and works! i think the update to 10.6.6 made some modification that makes the IDE to work under snow i dont use sleep so i dont know if works i dont use wifi so dont know internet work audio works my logitech 9000 usb works no driver needed good luck guys it seems long guide but it is the easiest i believe let me know if helps you
  3. Recipe for SL 3.6.3 first time. 1005PE and 1005HAB

    yes i found the kext to work with my stock wifi and lan for my 1005 pe i was using usb adaptor and no lan for a while now it is so nice to stock netbook just search it at kext. com they are atheros Atheros AR9285 for wifi Atheros_AR8132 for lan