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  1. OS X Live: Developers' Private Discussion

    Also, would it be a good idea to make a dmg of the disk as a backup or for restoring onto the media? ~Penguin
  2. Hi! I've been having alot of trouble with this. I have the iATKOS 4a image mounted with dameon tools at drive letter F:, and vmware boots it, but it never gets to the installer. I have got the installer up once, but only after i added a crapload of boot flags (like -x -v -l -d -legacy). But when the Install DOES come up, only the background loads and the :censored2: beach ball keeps spining. and the system does nothing else. My Specs are in my sig, and My Processor is an AMD Turion 64 x2 ~Penguin PS theres a screenshot. Well, Got a little farther using the following Flags: -v -x -a -t -k -o -l -f Now, it gets to the installer and has a cool background but no actual installer. (Screenshot included)
  3. try disabling the NIC Card in vmware for now. just my 2Cents ~Penguin
  4. A little help woth iATKOS 4i on AMD...

    :censored2: :censored2: :censored2: :censored2: :censored2: My Connection is slow as hell. *sigh* well i'll let it go overnight. Thx though ~Penguin
  5. OS X Live: Developers' Private Discussion

    ok, i get what your saying for the most part. i'll try, and see what i get, but i can't put this full time yet, got school {censored} going on lately so this will be on the backburner for now, but around thanksgiving, i'll be able to get more accomplished! thanks for the guide ~Penguin
  6. Is this a good idea? (i know its not but...)

    iKitchen Model: Runs OS X 10.5.5 (Patched with "twinkie" kernel) makes coffee at any specific time in System Prefrences Every 5 minutes it emmits a cheese smell Built in Twinkie Dispencer Coffee-Mug Mouse (handle is button) Toaster Oven for monitor Orders pizza for you every friday night Orders pizza for your neighbor every day and charges it to them. (6 Large Stuffed crust is the default setting) Intigrates nicely with CoffeeMaker ® and SodaSeller ® (via TooMuchCaffine.kext and ChargeYouForYourOwnSoda.kext) So, sound Good?
  7. hello! i'm having a little bit of trouble with installing this in vmware... I have an amd and i know that i will need a PPF patch or whatever, so... could you help me with this? Please...
  8. OS X Live: Developers' Private Discussion

    i hope there is someway that i can help. I could test it if you need anyone to. I think my specs are in my sig under the vmware {censored}. ~Penguin
  9. Current Development Status

    So, hows the development coming? It the project going to tackle snow leopard at its release? any input would be nice, ~Penguin
  10. Can't boot in Vmware with iAtkos

    there is no 6.6. the latest ver is 6.5. Also what version of iAtkos are you using? if you can try these flags -v -x -cpus=1 noacpi platform=X86PC -legacy or... Change the Setting of the VM guest os, FreeBSD or Other usualy work
  11. Netbook, OS X, Virtual XP and Zune!

    My How-To (try, but i can't promise success) If not already installed, install VMware Fusion, or Paralells Install any current Microsoft OS (e.g. XP or Vista) Insert the Zune into any open usb port. If VMware finds it, it should attach automaticly, if not attach it manualy (see manual) Install the zune software in the virtual machine. you should be able to use your zune now! ~Penguin
  12. The Newbies FAQ to Mac OSx86

    NTFS? Your choices are HFS+, Fat and i think ext2. But no NTFS AFAIK, just go with HFS+
  13. wow! seems like a lot of improvement for one upgrade looks like 7.0 may bring full support!
  14. My call with Apple Support

    lol Nice Find (or was this your own doing...?)
  15. a twinkie shaped computer that smells like cheese (like a "cheese twinkie"?) i know, but i'm bored!