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  1. Can't detect any wifi adapters

    When you say "change this", change it to what? It was already set to that. I was, however, missing the next couple lines. I added them and rebooted and got a notification there was a network change but nothing happened. Are you sure that null configd thing doesn't have anything to do with this?
  2. Can't detect any wifi adapters

    So I realized that I'm missing this configd thing for airport, but I'm not sure how to get it or if it has anything to do with my wifi not working. Any suggestions?
  3. Can't detect any wifi adapters

    nobody can point me in any helpful direction?
  4. Can't detect any wifi adapters

    I'm currently running the latest updates of 10.6.8 on an AMD Opteron 180. I have a BCM4306 PCI wifi card that I have proven to work flawlessly in Linux. Anyways, when I first installed mac, I didn't have a wifi card and did not intend to add one, so I uninstalled Airport. I'm now working on something (mac compatible, but multi-platform) that depends on a wifi adapter. So, I reinstalled Airport, I used the BCM43xx enabler, I installed the IO80211family.kext, and another network related kext, yet Airport and the Network utility still don't detect my wifi card. It is detectable by lspci | grep Network, and I also tried the "Simple Broadcom Wireless Tutorial" which didn't help (and BTW, is outdated and uses incorrect commands. I knew what it meant when it was wrong). Is there something I'm missing? Any suggestions?
  5. Soundblaster Live ct4780

    So since nobody seems to know the answer to my post about my ATI ALC880 audio problem, I decided to put in an old soundblaster live card. I installed the latest kX audio drivers, and they work fine. At boot-up I noticed that all audio channels are recognized, but for some reason only the default wave-out works and nothing else. Not even the mic. Any idea what to do about this?
  6. RTL8187B Wireless 802.11b/g USB Adapter 10.6.x - 10.6.4

    Sorry about reviving a somewhat dead thread, but for those who are trying this and can't get it to work, try unplugging it and then plugging it back in. At that point it usually works. I actually accidentally discovered that it worked that way. What I want to know is how do I get ad-hoc working with it? It doesn't detect my ad-hoc networks. I'd like it if AirPort could work with this. I've noticed it is recognized as an ethernet device.
  7. ALC880 on ATI chipset

    I have everything working flawlessly except for sound. Since I'm using an AMD setup, I obviously do not have the Intel chipset for the Realtek ALC880 Azalia audio. It uses an ATI chipset. I don't know if that makes a difference but I assume it does since almost everything I've ever seen related to ALC880 refers to intel chipsets. So far I've tried: Downloading the ACL880 kext VoodooHDA Azalia kext None of them work. It does not appear to make a difference if I remove the old kexts such as AppleHDA.kext. I've temporarily been using a soundblaster live, but not only is that a crappy sound card but I'm limited to strictly wave out. Any ideas?
  8. 2 Strange Issues *solved*

    it looks like i finally got this to boot on it's own. here's what i did: 1. from the empire efi cd, i ran the "myhack rc5" utility. i ran it multiple times before and by itself but it does NOT complete it's job, even though the install says it is a success. 2. i copied the modbin kernel to / and changed it's permissions. (the kernel is identified as mach_kernel.test7 in the empire efi preboot.dmg) 3. i corrected the com.apple.Boot.plist to boot the modbin kernel. 4. i opened the preboot.dmg from the efi cd and copied ALL of the extensions to the /Extra/extensions folder. and that is strictly all i did. no other tools were needed. i'm sure i still may have some hardware disadvantages such as how my cpu and memory are not identified properly (it says i have a core 2 solo and ddr2 memory) but i could honestly care less about that if it works. i hope this helps someone in the future.
  9. 2 Strange Issues *solved*

    Snow Leo is the only OS I intend to install on this computer. After doing some research, it appears that fakesmc is a bit outdated and does not appear to be a necessity for booting. Feel free to prove me wrong. I've only found dead download links to it anyway. I have found that running the modbin kernel from nawcom's bootable CD works, so that will definitely be my focus of install. I installed the same version of chameleon that this CD uses (2.0 RC5). Chameleon does start up from the HDD, so at least I've got that much taken care of. I copied modbin_kernel from Preboot.dmg on the nawcom bootable CD, and I ran chmod and chown to set file permissions. The default com.apple.Boot.plist on the CD does not boot up my computer - I have to specify my own values. I find that file easy to configure and will not get in my way. I noticed that the installer for chameleon rc5 does NOT create the /Extra folder. I also do not have a com.apple.Boot.plist file or smbios.plist anywhere in the hard drive. Do you think that is the reason for me not being able to boot at the moment? I'm not afraid to use a command line, I use Linux 90% of the time. The problem for me is I have to keep cloning my drive every other hour because of a mistake in trying to fix the boot loader. On top of that, rebooting from CDs is extremely slow. The most annoying part is all documentation I've been finding is either poorly written, outdated, hardware specific, or is missing important steps. This is the last step I need to take and the computer is complete.
  10. 2 Strange Issues *solved*

    So I cannot at all figure out how to get the HDD to boot without the CD. Does anybody know what the latest known working AMD guide for installing a bootloader for 10.6.8? I can't understand why the boot CDs work but nothing else does. BTW, the CPU I'm using is socket 939, using DDR1, if that makes a difference.
  11. 2 Strange Issues *solved*

    i did a fresh new install and now i've got 10.6.8 working. i haven't attempted to try installing a boot loader yet but i'll report back which works best for me, if i can get one working.
  12. 2 Strange Issues *solved*

    So I have a fully functional install of Snow Leo 10.6.7. All devices are working and it performs great. I'm first most concerned about the booting issue: I can't seem to ever get my setup to boot up without the Empire EFI Legacy CD. Considering how many times I've needed to reboot, it is getting VERY annoying to have to use it over and over again. I've tried the following: Install myHack RC4 and RC5, with and without the chocolate kernel Install many different versions of Chameleon Install mach_kernel Install legacy_kernel.10.6.7 (the installer actually fails at the end, and after it's failure the system immediately becomes unstable, and I can't boot from the EFI CD) Install legacy kernel 10.6.6 (this gets the same problems) I don't understand what I need to do or why the CD works but none of the above does. As for my second issue, I can't boot up at all (with or without the CD) if I update to 10.6.8. I tried the following: use the 10.6.7 appleacpiplatform.kext and iopcifamily.kexts npci=0x2000 boot flag legacy_kernel 10.6.7 But there is one thing I find very interesting and weird after performing this update. I have a separate HDD connected via USB which I use to clone my drive in case I make a mistake that results in my computer being unbootable (which happens very often...). There was a time when I wanted to boot up the clone so I could copy a file from the internal HDD. So, using the EFI CD, I picked the cloned HDD to boot from (the cloned drive was before I performed the 10.6.8 update so I knew it worked). It starts out booting from that drive, but since the drives are cloned, they both use the same UUIDs. So, after all kexts are loaded, it switches to boot from the internal HDD. When that happens, I am able to fully boot up into 10.6.8. So, that being said, there is definitely a kext problem keeping me from booting up all the way, but I have no clue what it could be. If anyone has some insight on this that would be very much appreciated. As of right now, I'd just like to get this to boot without a CD.