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  1. YOP

    x1950 pro

    Try Jcool installer works fine with my x1900 and should also works for X1950.http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...l=1950&st=0
  2. No way..doesn't work. Anyother possible solutions?
  3. Under Windows everything ok. I had a 9600 pro installed with callisto before and no problem with 1680*1050 (normal res for my widescreen). The X1900 support this res. also my monitor. I used 3.2 latest Neopheus installer. But still have 1600*1024 that hurt my eyes
  4. I cant have 1680*1050 with a X1900 and Boridanenov install, i can select many others resolutions but not this one, i have a 22" acer cinema with VGA no DVI ! Any clues? Thanks YOP