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  1. changed my graphic card and now it is working thank you very much for helping me.
  2. Hi everyone, I have an application which is problematic on OSX86 machines. http://www.globible.com/gloformac/ Funny thing is it works normally on real macs. I tried what I could which included smbios changes, transferring working application and its related files from real mac to osx86 system even manipulating its own configuration files. My system is P45-Ati 5770 - 8 Gig ram - 1Tb hdd The application launches itself even updates normally but nothing appears on the screen. I was hoping that it might work on lion but no luck with lion as well. Can anyone help me a little?
  3. ATI HD 5770

    boot7 works fine it uses vervet as a framebuffer but boot9 gives me a few fps more in tf2. boot7-9 file is actually a modified bootloader of chameleon. I suggest you to try boot9 if it does not work for you then try boot7. sorry for late reply
  4. ATI HD 5770

    Hi i have 2 dvi s and 1 hdmi on my his 5770 and it fully works on 64bit (hdmi and one dvi work tho i did not try the other dvi port so i really do not know its status). My computer uptime is just over 3 weeks now and everything is perfectly fine. I used Trauma!'s posts and please do not forget to put 5770's bios in /extra/ otherwise you ll get nothing but flickering screen.
  5. ATI HD 5770

    You are doing nothing wrong but you are not aware of both windows and macosx as gaming platforms. Macosx just got steam and source engine which is not very well optimised and also there are problems related to the graphic drivers which come with snow leopard. You simply have to lower your resolution in order to get better fps rates. I am on a new mac pro atm and i must say tf2 doesn't provide me same experience as on windows. I hope it will be better but it will surely take time.
  6. ATI HD 5770

    hi, it is surely possible. my graphic card didn't work with netkas's kexts. search this thread and find your graphic card's rom file and boot7/8. I used my HIS 5770 (graphic card brand) rom file + boot7. got full hd res on a plasma tv
  7. ATI HD 5770

    just wanted to say thank you mate.
  8. Hey Andy thank you very much mate.
  9. Downloaded programs make system crash

    you most probably need a seatbelt.kext. Please search the forum.
  10. HD 4850 work with sleep

    ......... still no success for me but I want to know that anybody else could get qe without the netkas's installer.
  11. HD 4850 work with sleep

    mate I tried gfx strings with 3 different 4850s (asus, gigabyte and powercolor). Moreover, if you do not install netkas's kext you wont get qe for sure. as you can see on the second picture which you posted shows atix2000 installed already so you do not really need any gfx strings.
  12. HD 4850 work with sleep

    but with no qe support
  13. Allright, the light blue screen after the booting process lasts very long ( 10 secs-20 secs). It makes me crazy because It didn't happen before. I think that the beta drivers of ati 48xx may cause the problem, but I'm not really sure. I tried Ideneb, Iatkos and IPC and read dozens of forum posts. Does anyone got a solution for this problem?
  14. Kexts from Psystar's OpenRestore Disc

    wow! thank you very much I' m checking them now.
  15. NTLoader+ISOEmu+Chameleon-2.0RC1-r431

    Thanks mate I m gonna try that with vista x64.