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  1. Leopard MySQL

    Yes but the preinstalled Ruby and PHP are built against a different build of MySQL.
  2. Hey guys, Is quartz 2d extreme/quartz gl enabled by default in Leopard? I can't seem to enable it any more.
  3. Leopard MySQL

    no thank you, i was actually looking for the mysql .pkg for leopard.
  4. Leopard MySQL

    No, PHP and Ruby are all compiled with the Apple MySQL distro. Has anyone downloaded Leopard Server and would be willing to share the MySQL package?
  5. Leopard MySQL

    Hi guys, Does anyone know where I can get a hold of the MySQL installer for Leopard so that I can use it with RoR and PHP? Thanks
  6. Hi guys I've been trying to get QE working with my Lattitude C640. I can't seem to be able to get any further than colour banding and a moving mouse pointer. I did this by modifying the Info.plist of AppleI386PCI.kext. Has anyone experienced this before? Thanks
  7. Another method to bypass DVD installation is to install Darwin 8.1 beforehand. Then burn the Maklar image. On the DVD, there should be a couple of installation with .pkg extensions. If you browse through them you will notice that they are in .pax.gz archive form. If you gunzip and pax unarchive them in / then you should be able to get a fully functioning system without having to swap HDs or hacking the DVD.
  8. Supported Hardware

    Hi, do you guys know what chipset is used for the original Apple Airport cards? Also, do you guys reckon that if I were to use a normal PCMCIA with the same chipset found in the Apple Airport cards it would work in Darwin? Thanks