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  1. Sound works, quick question however!

    Sorry I'm not exactly sure what your saying, and I just realized that there was Audio drivers installed by default, apple hda and voodoo I believe. I'm running Iatkos S3 and by default it selects audio, hope that helps!
  2. Hey guys so my sound works out of the box, i'm on a hp dv5, i have keys for turning up the volume up and down just like a mac, and when I press them, they actually work on snow leopard too, i can hear the clicking when it goes up and down, however when I go down the volume doesn't actually decrease nor does it increase when I go up. It shows it going up and down both on the display and in the top right but it doesn't actually do anything?
  3. Hey guys so I installed Iatkos s3 v2 on my Hp dv5, I used the first bootloader, first kernal and selected sata ahci. Anywho everything seems to be working, I just want to know how do I update to 10.6.7 safely? Also is there any more development on the gma 5700, I want to change my resolution, finally does HDMI output work or will it not work because of my 5700 video card? Thanks guys please help me out!
  4. Intel HD Graphics GMA 5700

    Hey guys I'm running the 5700, last time I checked custom resolution wasn't possible. I'm running 1024x768, is there a way to increase this? Also does HDMI output work? Also I'll be more then willing to donate some money when a working kext is out, as long as I got custom resolution or at least can output to my TV then I'd be more then willing to donate $20 bucks into your pocket via paypal!
  5. selling hackintosh

    hi will you ship we can do it through paypal or ebay. I have lota of feedback on ebay
  6. [SELL]ASUS G50VT-X5 (11/09/11)

    would do 450.
  7. Installing retail lion/sl

    Hey guys I have a HP DV5 laptop, here is my laptops info: http://pastebin.com/ZKsM1cYc I just want to install lion retail or even snow if it's easier. I'm running Linux is it possible to make a bootable dvd. Thanks a lot!
  8. Uptime in Nanoseconds

    Hi guys, okay, so first off when I tried to install iatkos it would kernal panic, I got into the installer by doing "Cpus=1" I installed iatkos, but sure enough when it trys to boot up it kernal panics and tells me to restart. The closest I come to getting it to load up is again by putting in cpus=1 and all that does is show the apple logo and the loading circle just keeps spinning, I let it try and load for 20 mins. When I do -v it loads a bunch of script and then ends with "Uptime in Nanoseconds". Help me out guys, I didn't select any kernals or anything special when installing, and on top of that it said the nanoseconds thing when I boot from dvd and type -v anyways. My pc is a HP DV5, i3 m350 processor, intel video card, 4gb ram, 500gb hdd. I've read that HP DV5,6,7,8 are very compatible with OS X.. so what the hells the deal?
  9. Installing Lion,

    hey guys so I have iatkos l1, I've burnt two copies now, one with my mac and one with windows, both copies boot up and when it says press any key to start iatkos I do so and then it tells me to restart my computer.. What's going on guys how do I actually get to the install screen. I'm on a HP DV5 i3 processor, intel HD graphics.
  10. HP DV5-2070US

    Bump, come on guys help me out..
  11. HP DV5-2070US

    Hi I just recently bought a HP DV5-2070US Notebook. I'm going to be installing with Iatkos L1. I just wanted to know what extra options do I select, for SATA etc.. I know for bootloader I'll just the newest Chameleon, and not to touch any of the kernals, and also to enable graphics. Thanks a bunch guys.
  12. Hi, I want either snow leopard or Lion running on the computer, doesn't really matter which. What computer should i get that's 300-600 dollars. I'm looking for at least dual core, I want the computer to be pretty fast since i'll be using logic pro. What's the best laptop or netbook to buy that pretty much works stock. I don't mind having to change the wifi card, but the hdmi, video card etc needs to work. Thanks a lot guys.
  13. Fix audio?

    Hey guys.. so my audio is.. somewhat working, if I keep my finger on the mouse pad it works, or if I move the mouse around it works, but when I stop, it starts lagging and stuttering and for example makes the youtube video slow down and all choppy. How do I