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  1. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    i was not able to boot with -v -x. it kept on restarting. i reinstalled again, 100% followed your guide step by step - same problem. then i reinstalled and used 9.4.0 kernel instead of 9.5.0 and its working fine! 2 reboots, everything ok!
  2. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    jap 100%. i just added a reboot on my 2nd try after nc10 installer stage1 (booted up fine) bios settings are the same as well. i resized my C partition (already a couple of days ago) to have more space for os x, so the last hfs (non 20gb) partition that i created is much bigger than in your guide, but i guess thats no problem. i'll reinstall tomorrow
  3. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    installation went fine, i created my user account and i continued on page 104 till the end. as i said before, i have not done a restarted after the combo update, i left the window open and installed the driver + stage3 of your installer. then i have chosen to restart the system. thats it. i am a coder, so i know what you are talking about, that is why i've done it the way you wrote it in the guide. could it be because i do have the german nc10? could it be that it has a different bios ? my bios is 02ca as well as micom version. + i do have 2 gb of memory. yes i did that. when tried it the 2nd time i was not able to activate the partition anymore (i guess it was still active)
  4. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    that is what i thought, so i gave it a 2nd try :/ there is no error that i can see, no yellow text as on the msi-error. i tried to make a photo, but the iphone quality is way to bad... is there an option to stop instead of rebooting? exactly the options that you described in the guide. do you want me to copy any files (with the help of hfsexplorer) ?
  5. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    hi, i am having trouble installing the whole thing i downloaded jas and did everything (twice meanwhile) exactly as you wrote in the pdf-guide. after i installed the 10.5.5 update (without restart) i installed the drivers + stage 3 and then did the restart. the machine keeps on restarting over and over,the apple logo appears for a second. when i start with -s -v i get some text stuff but i cant read it because its to fast. it seems that its reacting exactly as the msiwind installer iso. (i am 100% sure that i am using the jas.) on my 2nd attend i added an extra restart after installing stage1 (as you suggested on the biketown page), still the same
  6. Samsung NC-10 US Version

    Hey, i installed the msiwindosx86.iso on the german NC10, it was not able to boot when i disabled the kernel-patch. it only showed the grey boot screen with the apple logo for a second and then restarted. i tried with the kernel installed and it worked! anyhow, the system profiler says that i do have a "1.6 intel core solo" - which is not true. Hardware Overview: Model Name: Mac Model Identifier: NC10 Processor Name: Intel Core Solo Processor Speed: 1.6 GHz Number Of Processors: 1 Total Number Of Cores: 1 L2 Cache: 512 KB Memory: 2 GB Bus Speed: 533 MHz Boot ROM Version: MBA11.00BB.B03 Serial Number: W1234567890 any idea how to enable the 2nd core ?