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    Hi, I am wondering whether someone could tell me what I am doing wrong with the onboard sound on my rig. I am running an AMD Athlon 64 4200+ X2, 4GB OCZ DDR2 800MHz RAM, Geforce 8800GTX video card, and an Asus M2N4 SLI motherboard which has onboard Realtek ALC850 audio, I have done a codec dump using Ubuntu, here is what it tells me: 0-0/0: Realtek ALC850 rev 0 PCI Subsys Vendor: 0x1043 PCI Subsys Device: 0x822c Revision : 0x00 Compat. Class : 0x00 Subsys. Vendor ID: 0xffff Subsys. ID : 0xffff Capabilities : DAC resolution : 16-bit ADC resolution : 16-bit 3D enhancement : No 3D Stereo Enhancement Current setup Mic gain : +0dB [+0dB] POP path : pre 3D Sim. stereo : off 3D enhancement : off Loudness : off Mono output : MIX Mic select : Mic1 ADC/DAC loopback : off Double rate slots: 7/8 Extended ID : codec=0 rev=2 LDAC SDAC CDAC DSA=0 SPDIF DRA Extended status : SPCV LDAC SDAC CDAC SPDIF=3/4 SPDIF Control : Consumer PCM Copyright Category=0x22 Generation=1 Rate=48kHz So I then drag the text file with this information inside it into the AppleHDA Patcher, and it tells me that it is an unrecognized codec... Am I doing something wrong or what, can anyone help me out, as I have been trying for about a week now to get my audio working but nothing I do seems to work... I started thinking that maybe the onboard audio was fried or something because I use a Soundblaster Audigy in Windows, but I have removed the soundblaster and I am using the onboard sound on my windows installation and it works fine.. I just don't understand why the HDA patcher isn't recognizing my codec dump, I have tried v1.20 and 1.16 neither of them work... Is there an alternative codec dump that I can use for my Realtek audio, the audio only has three ports on it if that is of any help.... Thanks in advance... P.S. when I use OSX86Tools to check the dev ID, it says "10de:0059 Rev a2"...