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  1. Thanks! Sadly, that didn't work. So I installed 10.5.2 from my DVD directly over my previous installation. Then I ran the update again, this time with safer options (the old 9.2 sleep kernel, for instance). This worked, now everything is fixed and I'm running 10.5.5! I hope this helps someone else in a similar situation.
  2. I followed the combo updates thread to update to 10.5.5, but something didn't work. Now the OS hangs (showing an Ø overlaid over the Apple logo). I can't boot into safe mode, hangs in a seemingly random spot. I have a backup of the System/Library/Extensions folder, and the 10.5.2 Kalyways boot DVD. Can someone please help me restore my system to 10.5.4?
  3. I have an ASUS 8800GT card running on an Intel P5K-E motherboard, 10.5.4 Vanilla kernel (afraid to update for now). Using NVInject with custom NVCAP. It refuses to output to SVideo from the composite port. I've tried everything (All NVCAP strings, converters, adapters, etc). So now my plan is to get an ATI 2600XT, which should support my Apple DVI-to-SVideo adapter (according to this anyway: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2809?viewlocale=en_US), and put it in as a second card ONLY to output SVideo and nothing else. Will this work? Is there a way to set it up as a second card without losing QE and CI on the 8800? I don't need 3d acceleration or anything on the 2600, I just want to use its 2nd DVI port to output to my TV. I hope I don't have to paste in both HEX strings into a single plist, because it seems doubtful this method will work. Anyone here who got two different cards working at once? Any advice?
  4. I don't know of any DVI to S-Video adapters other than the apple one. Believe me, I've looked Can someone help me by suggesting a card that would work? This apple page says that an ATI 2600XT should support my converter on the 2nd port: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2809?viewlocale=en_US I could buy that card right here: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814131057 Will it work, though? Will it fit with my Geforce and function as a secondary card without making me lose CI and QE?
  5. Thanks very much for the reply. I think I may not have made myself clear -- I know the 8800GT has only DVI-D ports, which is why the apple converter is not working. My thought was to buy a completely different cheapo card that would have a DVI port the Apple converter works with. I was asking for a recommendation of a card that 1. Is cheap 2. Has a DVI port that will work with my apple DVI-to-SVideo converter 3. Would work as a secondary card along with my 8800GT without messing anything up Can anyone help with that? Thanks again! PS -- As for your suggestion of VGA-to-SVideo, I don't know of any reputable VGA-to-SVideo converters that go for less than $60, and people generally agree that their output is basically unwatchable.
  6. I desperately need to output video to my TV, and have not figured out how to do it yet. It seems like the best solution is to buy a cheap video card with DVI-A output, and use that as a second card and convert to an S-Video signal with an apple DVI-A to Video converter. Can I make this work in a simple, fool-proof way? Here's my situation: I have an ASUS 8800GT card running on an Intel P5K-E motherboard, 10.5.4 Vanilla kernel (afraid to update for now). Using NVInject with custom NVCAP. The card has 2 DVI outs and a composite out. I've tried everything I could think of to output to my S-Video TV, including buying the Apple DVI-to-Video converter and a Composite-to-S-Video box from Hong Kong. The composite output doesn't seem to work at all, no matter how I fiddle with the NVCAP settings. The apple converter doesn't work because the 8800GT is DVI-Digital, not DVI-Analog, despite what the website specs say. Do you guys think getting a second card will work? I don't need it to have good acceleration, I just want to output a basic video signal so I can watch TV. I've been reading about setting up dual cards, and it looks like many people lose CI and QE on both cards. Can anyone recommend a gfx card with DVI-A output that would work out of the box with my setup, without making composite plists? Will updating to 10.5.5 help with my problems, or make dual cards more difficult? I really appreciate your help, I've been struggling with this setup for months. Thanks very much in advance.