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  1. Mac OS X v10.6.3 v1.1 Update (Combo)

    Yesterday, "Software update" downloaded 630kb update of version 1.1 Seems like Apple has either recruited some Microsoft guys or started to loose couple of nuts and bolts. Come on, Just after 10.6.3, release version 1.1 Enough denigration, update was smooth and nothing was broken. (10.6.3 --> 10.6.3-1.1)
  2. RAID Drivers (SiI 3132) causing crashes

    I tried Sil3132 and JMB363 cards with 8GB RAM. Now I have given up both Sil3132 and JMB363 even the on board JMicron chips. I removed all kext which refers to these. At last the system is stable. I gave up.
  3. Try plugin in to XP and right click on the disk and do a "error-checking" It should ask you to reboot and while rebooting in DOS (kind of) screen drive will be checked (for several hours) and recovered files will be copied in to Found000 folders.
  4. RAID Drivers (SiI 3132) causing crashes

    Sorry guys, It was too early to post (it seems) That driver causes too many problems including one kernel crash. Apple website lists this card (chip) as one of those unsupported under Snow Leopard. I removed the card from the system. I ordered JM 363 card. Hope that will work better.
  5. RAID Drivers (SiI 3132) causing crashes

    siliconimage3132r5_15160.zip is working without any problems. Both Leopard (10.5.8) and Snow Leopard (10.6.1).
  6. Can you guys seed please.
  7. This is what you do. Hardware: 1. If your 4620 have Intel WiFi then either buy a "USB WiFi stick with Ralink chip" or swap the Mini-PCIE with a Broadcom 4311 (ebay) 2. If you need Mic input, then buy a USB sound stick (Mac compatible) Software: Use iATKOS 10.5.5