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  1. Laavuska

    Clover General discussion

    The latest 4061 does not work for me either. Im using a legacy system and it loads until it freezes(loads OSX). The previous 4049 worked fine. I dont use edid.
  2. Laavuska

    Anyone able to test an RX 5xx series card yet?

    Thank you for this topic gentlemen! Im most likely going to purchase RX 550 when it will be available today. I dont need a card for gaming so this looks like a great choice. This is based to Polaris 12 so it will be interesting to see that how it is going to work.
  3. Laavuska

    Clover General discussion

    The fix v3 fixed my CMOS errors too! Nice work!
  4. Laavuska

    Clover General discussion

    For me the latest version(3994) kept giving CMOS error after I restarted my computer so I had to revert to 3974. Sierra 10.12.3 and a legacy system here.
  5. Laavuska

    Clover General discussion

    Thank you, I got it working now!
  6. Laavuska

    Clover General discussion

    Clover has been working very well for me but after installing the latest version 3751, Im having some problems. I have HD4000 GPU and now it shows that I have two monitors installed of the same model. Also the mouse movement is extremely laggy. Im using El Capitan 10.11.6.