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    M-Audio Firewire Solo issues

    Its been a couple of months I ve been doing a lot of searching on this. It seems as though there is no solution to the firebox not being detected by ones onboard 1394 port. Is this confirmed? I am running a retail 10.5.4 leopard & interestingly, when i plug my firebox onto the onboard VIA firewire port ( VT6308P - P5E mobo), the light turns blue as though its happy as larry. In system preferences --> network however, there is no green orb. I ve got another 3 port firewire PCI card which is recognised in network, but returns the same "not connected' message. What is the expected source of this problem?
  2. Well i most definately agree with Peach. I want to be running my logic with minimal problems. So... I went out and bought the retail 10.5.4 Leopard today. I changed the bios settings so that MacHD was the first hard drive to boot off & followed the guide exactly until I came to the famous 'b0 error'. After sucessfully completing both options at the osx86 site: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/B0_error i have come to a black screen with a paging white "-" symbol. Anyone came accross this before? There is no more b0 error but it is as if the computer cant find the right trigger files on the HD to load MacHD. I say this because after about 34 minutes its still stuck at that black screen with the on/off "-". Retail Leopard wont install onto MBR
  3. Thanks peach. Its all making more sense now. i did not boot to MacHD. Usually i hit F8 and then see what i can boot too - this didnt show the Mac HD partition but i havent tried F12 yet.... I ve been looking at installing the kaly 10.5.2 from the LeoX install by using osxinstall.mpkg. I found the file in the kaly cd under /volumes/kaly ...etc/system/installation/packages The result was a problem with UUIDs and as a result i installed smbiosresolver.kext. Then upon executing osxinstall.mpkg from the kaly cd, i noticed that it wouldnt let me select the destination MacHD. Instead the installer would skip that step and tell me it was installing it to leoX. Now i checked out this post and realised that i can edit the osxinstall.mpkg file: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...16505&st=20 But thats for an iso file (the kaly dvd is read only) which is all good if i burn another dvd i guess. Im not sure whether there is another way to be able to choose my install destination when executing osxinstall.mpkg from LeoX. If there isnt, ill run the kaly cd from boot and install it to MacHD and then try this F12 thing to boot into MacHD.
  4. I had to reset to install kalyway 10.5.2. The install was sucessful and upon restart i booted into my LeoX install. However, after running the osx86tools fdisk and efi instructions, and then reseting, there was no option to boot into MacHD. In fact, i couldnt see the MacHD install at startup . When i am running off LeoX i can clearly see the HD and all relevant installed files for OSX). One thing i noticed after executing fdisk is that in osx86 tools it says chmod 775 /Users/Steve/Desktop/OSX86Tools.app/Contents/Resources/FDISKEFI.app/Contents/Resources/fdisk echo 'f 2\nu\nw\ny\nq\n'| /Users/Steve/Desktop/OSX86Tools.app/Contents/Resources/FDISKEFI.app/Contents/Resources/fdisk -e /dev/disk1 Enter 'help' for information fdisk: 1> Partition 2 marked active. fdisk:*1> Machine code updated. fdisk:*1> Writing MBR at offset 0. fdisk: 1> Invalid command 'y'. Try 'help'. fdisk: 1> [/i] FDISK completed."[/i] Should this command be copied and entered into terminal manually with replacing the y for its appropriate value.. ?
  5. stevemar

    Raids, Kexts, and Progression

    search 'injecting drivers into an install dvd" --> raid 0 + 1 =D
  6. Greetings humans of the world I had a good look for this question to no avail. After trying it out on my mates computer for the last 3 weeks i decided to buy it. Ive just forked out $649 on logic studio and am eager to get a stable osx86 system to run it on. After playing around with leo for a little while & updating it, I agree that it is wise to have 2 installs. Although this guide deals with the second install being a retail leo i was wondering whether it is possible for the install on MacHD to be a kaly 10.5.2 or 10.5.1. The execution of these discs either via the desktop or via the terminal results in a requirement to boot in order to install. The message says: "Click the button below to restart your computer and begin the installation process". I am hesitant to do so because i am not certain that the second install will be clean, or at least preserve the first install so that i may then use OSX86 tools/EFI to make the MacHD install bootable. Is there a way to boot a kaly from the LeoX install without rebooting? or should i just reboot and install and then EFI/osx86 tools will be useable? Cheers Steve
  7. hi all I am not certain that this is the correct place to post this. My apologies if it isnt... So then.....13 coaster dvds, 3 types of leopard installs, and a lot of raid driver dvd injecting later, i have finally installed Leopard on my machine!! WWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE But its not over yet. As i am using a raid 5, Gparted cannot see the different partitions of my raid. I have been searching for over an hour now without finding any answers to the question: are there any bootloaders that can see raids & their respective partitions so that the NTFS partition can be flagged? your comments are appreciated =D
  8. stevemar

    Injecting Drivers Into an Install DVD

    Hello all Im using kaly 10.5.2 as my install disk. So far i have tried two types of injections: 1) insert the extensions.mkext file back into the ISO after modifying it with a mac AND ALSO DELETE the extensions folder in System/Library --> burn. This method installed the kext i wanted (raid drivers enabling osx to see my hard disk) and subsequently enabled me to install about 30% of leopard before it got stuck. 2) insert the extensions.mkext file back into the ISO after modifying it with a mac AND DO NOT DELETE the extensions folder in System/Library --> burn. Disk utilities was unable to see my HD despite the next extensions.mkext being inserted into the iso. Method 1 was successfull in installing the kext i wanted but the install of leopard perhaps failed due to my deleting of the extensions folder. Method 2 follows the instructions but does not seem to have the effect of installing the desired kext. Can anyone see where i went wrong? =D
  9. You have my apologies if i have posted this in the wrong area. Ultimately after much research i am just afer a few simple answers to some questions that i have. I have not yet installed the 10.5.2 kaly cd as i currently use a raid 5 and XP. When the Kaly cd boots, OSX cannot see my raided HD in disk utilities because it does not have the relevent .kext. It seems that my options are to create a customizable boot cd, or load the kext in terminal before installation (from a usb?), and then hopefully disk utilities will see the raid (the driver apparently lets osx see the raid5 as just one disk instead of 3 raided). Maybe there are other options that i have missed? Customisable Boot DVD: Optimally it seems as though the best outcome would be the creation of a DVD that not only loads the raid kext for booting, but also installs it. Though after further research, it seems as though package maker and iceberg are osx programs and thereforse i am unsure as to whether it is possible to create a bundle in XP. I did attempted to create a customizable kaly DVD in xp by inserting the raid driver (a .dmg file) into the OSX folder (F:\Documents and Settings\R\Desktop\Kalyway_10.5.2_DVD_Intel_Amd\ADD_KEXT_TO_DVD\Natit.kext\Contents\MacOS) and executing the kaly command. It did look as though a command had been processed though given that this was in XP, i am unsure as to whether it actually did. The dvd did not load the .kext upon booting. I think might be because XP is unable to process that particular command (to insert the .dmg file into the .iso), though i may be wrong. Load Kext Post Boot but Pre Install: As i couldn't get the dvd to load the .dmg file (note: my understanding is that osx sees a .dmg file as a package which when triggered, opens up to hold a .kext), i decided to try and load the .kext from a USB. Once the kalyway disk had booted i entered 'terminal'. I figured that, if the driver did not load before entering the Leopard installer section, why shouldn't osx be able to see the HD in disk utilities once the kext was loaded from terminal? I put the file - rr231x_0x.dmg on my usb (which could be seen in disk utilities), and then once in terminal attempted to use the 'sudo root', '-s root', 'sudo -s' commands to gain authority as the supreme user. The response was an 'unknown command'. I found this confusing because i thought that upon typing these things into terminal on osx, you could gain full privelages. Now i figured that typing "kextload rr231x_0x.kext" might load the kext i needed, given the information i recieved from this post: http://forum.insanelymac.com/lofiversion/i...tp:/t90661.html The response was that 'no such bundle exists'. I also noted that '-r' enables you to use a directory as a repository of kexts. Is there some way that i can load the .dmg file/.kext from the usb by specifying its location? I am willing to learn more and eager to solve these problems so if anyone can provide some naviagional advice i would be much appreciated. with many thanks Steve P5E, Q6600, 8800GT, 4gbddr2
  10. stevemar

    bootable raid

    Thanks again for the reply drunk it makes sense. I ve tried a number or things out and am now considering a few things which i may be wrong on. Firstly i attempted to create a customised DVD by placing the driver (the .dmg file) in this path: F:\Documents and Settings\R\Desktop\Kalyway_10.5.2_DVD_Intel_Amd\ADD_KEXT_TO_DVD\Natit.kext\Contents\MacOS and then executing the "Add_kext_to_dvd_boot.command". I figured that it would be best to try and get the install working before i tackle the inserting of a bundle. It processed something when i double clicked so i assumed that this updated the install ISO with the kext - (is a .dmg file read as a kext when its seen by the mac software?) Booting the disk did not enable me to see the HD in disk utilities. I think that i might have either installed the kext incorrectly in this case. Or, i might need to type a command in terminal to load the kext (.dmg file) from the dvd... Once this didnt work i tried to to use macimage to manuall install the .dmg file by dropping it right into the system/library/extensions folder. Unfortunately when i exported the .iso, it was only 394 megs.. where do you think i went wrong? cheers i use this driver rr_2310.kext http://www.hptmac.com/US/productfiles/bios...v220-103007.dmg
  11. Greetings from Australia! I ve been surfing for a good 3 hours now to know avail so i thought id ask the collective =D the Problem: can't see HD in disk utilities (can see dvd) the reason: drivers for my raid card (rocketraid 2300) have not been installed. I have the .dmg file of the particular driver that the raid card requires in order to function with osx. the question: how can i load that extension before OSX has been installed on my computer? Ive been looking into loading the kext from a usb etc but i don't think i am going about it the correct way. can i even load a kext before OSX has been installed? you words are music! cheers