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  1. Thank you for the reply. The only option I can see in the bios similar to that is 'load xhci at preboot' which is already enabled. With -gux_defer_usb2 , my webcam works again and is listed under usb2 in system profile. Similarly, if I plug in a usb3 device it will correctly be listed under usb3 . I haven't performed a speed test yet but to me it suggests its working? Sleep works, usb storage doesn't give any error after wake up and everything seems to plug in and work now!
  2. Thankyou very much! My s3-391 (Ivy bridge version) now has functioning USB 3.0 ports! Tested with usb2 and usb3 devices and they seem to work. It seems to crash when i unplugged a device once, but hasnt done it again yet. If i try and sleep now i just get a black screen though and cant wake up. Also, if i bootup with my sdcard reader plugged . Once it gets to the desktop, a message appears saying 'Disk unreadable' If i unplug, re-plug its ok. Could be a power issue? I notice the reader felt very hot which is not normal. Will keep testing! EDIT: it appears if i add the boot flag ' -gux_defer_usb2 ' it solves all my problems! What is the correct way to add this to chameleon boot?
  3. Which version of the NB200 is this for? There is the NB200-11H or NB200-11L im guessing its the 11H as it says N280? cheers!
  4. I tried a search and nothing has come up at all? Theres a very good deal on the 1510 in the UK at the moment but i already have a macbook pro. I'd like a cheaper lappy to lug around alot more than im not afraid of breaking. Maybe the 1310 for its portability but i'd like to run Leopard. I had a macbook but sold it on as the screen was truely awful
  5. Can check your guide please for the 2 finger scroll from a clean install perspective? when i follow your guide i either stop the touchpad working at all or if i then replace the applePS2 kext, the touchpad works again but FFscroll does nothing ( the app is in the system preferences)
  6. Halo for Mac running extremely slow

    I had that problem with vista refusing to install.. Is your partition setup like this? [EMPTY PARTITION ] {LEOPARD PARTITION) with the leopard partition active? Make the first empty partition active then run the vista installer again. worked for me You can always make the 2nd partition active afterwards.
  7. I wondered myself if bluetooth was something to do with it as on mine, when it does sleep briefly, the bluetooth icon flashes first then it powers on .I tried disabling bluetooth in the bios and it didnt make a difference. I can always get sound to work now by attempting to make the laptop sleep, when it wakes straight away the sound works every time.
  8. I had that problem as well. to fix it i plugged in a usb keyboard/mouse then installed this. http://rapidshare.com/files/91282272/PS2_Batt_Working.zip
  9. Worked for me on my Dell XPS M1330. thanks
  10. This is a keylayout i made for the UK XPS M1330. It basically swaps the " and @ so they are on the right keys and also a couple of other keys. please note the backslash "\" key does not work next to the "Z" but if you press the key to the left of "1" that will give you a backslash. To install, put the two files in your /Library/Keyboard Layouts folder. then SYSTEM PREFERENCES > INTERNATIONAL > INPUT MENU scroll to British-Dell-XPS-M1130 tick the box A little language bar should appear on the top task bar next to the wifi/bluetooth icons etc. Click it to choose British-Dell-XPS-M1130 then in the Input menu window you can now Un-tick the British language. If you would like the windows Logo key to become the COMMAND key then goto System Prefs > Keyboard + Mouse > Keyboard > Modifier Keys and set the Option key to COMMAND and the Command key to OPTION (The opposite of defaults) This will then give similar actions to windows, e.g.WINDOWS KEY+ N = new browser window Hope this helps someone, cheers cRuNcHiE British_Dell_XPS_M1130_KeyboardLayout.zip
  11. Has anyone made a keylayout for the M1330 yet? I have been trying with Ukulele (http://scripts.sil.org/cms/scripts/page.php?site_id=nrsi&item_id=ukelele) but i cant get all the keys to work. e.g. the backslash next to Z does not seem to register any input at all. I did however swap the keys so the Windows Logo key becomes the Apple key just as it is on my other hackintosh. I'm also looking for the app that enables scroll on the synaptic touchpad, i know i saw i on the board somewhere! (sound is still working! im still digesting my dinner)
  12. Hmm interesting! I tried with hot corners and still no sound. I have ubuntu 7.10 on here now which works flawlessly so im going to try a codec dump when i figure out how EDIT: Okay this is weird! After originally posting this i put the laptop down, closed the lid then had my dinner! I open up the laptop again and while searching for a HOWTO codec dump in linux i fire up colloquy IRC and it starts making noises! Itunes is working as is everything else. WEIRD! I can only assume that while i had the laptop put away it had attempted to goto sleep as i havent edited the power settings yet, it failed to sleep and somehow now its working. I tried to make it sleep last night though and then test sound and it didnt work then so im totally confused! Maybe the sound will only work after you have had your dinner?
  13. my graphics EFI is working now. I just did a sleep and it slept! but then woke up after 5 seconds but is still usable , whereas before it would wake up but crash after a few seconds. I have now realised putting the older appleacpi kext has killed reboot.