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  1. Curious about a new monitor

    No one has any idea if it is just hiding the other resolutions or if it will not make other resolutions avail. ?
  2. Windows XP is a whore

    as everyone has said, change the boot order....XP is made to copy install files to the C by default....
  3. Got it working on my PC AND laptop

    Sent you a PM treleung
  4. Is it Worth it?

    I have 4.3 working, i had tried 4.4 and 4.5 and neither worked on my PC, but 4.3 works great. If it works, I would stick with it
  5. iLife missing?

    ilife is 6gb, the OSX installs we downloaded have been stripped of it since with the Mac OSX it would be WAY to big to fit on a DVD (ilife can't even fit on a dvd). Mac OSX official disks are dual layer which can hold more data (sometimes the comercial ones can go up to 9+gb) so they can fit ilife on as well. On a side note, WHY on Mac OSX are the printer drivers 2.1gb.....REDICULOUS
  6. windows....again

    lol, you guys just dont know how to use windows.
  7. [For Sell or Trade] PSP 1.5

    Wow, you have some nice looking stuff. Great looking mods on your Xbox BTW. I really want a 1.5 PSP but I do not have the money to buy one, plus its hard to justify since I already have a PSP (but its 2.6). Plus I already have an Xbox as well What kind of Computer Stuff do you need? Can you be more specific for what you are looking for?
  8. I have seen a lot on the Video card issues and such, but I am curious I have a BFG 6800 (OC) AGP and it works perfectly right now with my 15" lcd monitor (at 1024x768). I have had no issues with lines/color problems/etc. But now my question, I am thinking of getting a 19" lcd monitor (1280 x 1024) so when i hook up the 19" will the 1280 x 1024 come up as an option in the System Display Preferences? Or is 1024x768 the only thing that will ever show up since it is all that is showing up right now? I am just curious if it is hiding the other resolutions since my 15" is made for 1024x768, or are other resolutions totally not supported.
  9. The "@" Key...

    On all the keyboard I have around here (USA) they @ is above the 2. So i would assume since it is that way here, the OSX builds just have it set that way since maybe the true Mac keyboard are being only made that way now
  10. Got it working on my PC AND laptop

    Ok, thanks for the info, i guess i will have to use another sound card if I need sound bad enough
  11. Im using Acronis 10 to select my OS on my laptop. I have a 40gb harddrive partitioned into: Around 25gb for XP SP2 Around 15gb for Mac OSX 10.4.3 I used the disk utility in the Mac OSX installer to partition, i just set the windows Partition to MS-Dos format, and then the windows installer formated to NTFS. Acronis was installed via the Windows XP gui, it detected the second partition (as unknown), I renamed it OSX. Now whenever i boot i can hit F6 to skip Acronis and boot to XP right away, or what a second for Acronis to start and click on OSX to start OSX
  12. No Sound

    its actually funny, but i HAVE been having troubles in windows as well, the driver has been having trouble since my last reinstall of windows (but before i had tried mac on the machine). It shouldn't be bad hardware though as the issue started RIGHT when i reformated (worked before, now i cant get it to work)
  13. Got it working on my PC AND laptop

    I dont think i will be upgrading for now Nothing that interesting that 4.4, 4.5, or 4.6 have to offer besides my keyboard not working
  14. need help with osx

    make sure you do not have a TON of open things at once. I have noticed that on PC systems the Mac does not do as good of a job with memory management (i was using almost 100% memory when i had a few programs open and it locked up)
  15. No Sound

    No other ideas anyone?