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  1. Need help in seting up an emac

    Hi SticMac, Tnks for the adivise. Here is what I have done so far: I have burned the files (MDG files) with AShampoo and made an ISO disc form it. Then did what you advised (hold down the option key), and got only a cyrcle arrow and a straight arrow. No txt. I assumed that the cyrclew arrow means reboot and the straight arrow means continue . Howeve it did not boot from the iso (which i made under windows). any suggestions
  2. Need help in seting up an emac

    Hallo There, Recently I have purchassed an emac (PowerMac 6,5) for my daugther. Unfortunatlly the former owner has wipped off the computer and left me with a blinking question mark in the middle of a white screen . A friend of my tried to help me by downloading a few cd´s with the mac os x tiger. However the CD´s are formated under windows XP and I think they will not be readable by the mac os. Is this right? and if so how do I installed those CD´s having only a windows pc? Please help . Thanks