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  1. Thanks a lot for this info DD! I've installed Chameleon 2RC, run your script again, and everything is working fine, no problem with the clock, correct bus speed, memory info etc. :-) Thanks, again.
  2. What part of the script takes care of the information displayed in System Profiler? I'm heaving a problem with my system clock going too fast, and I suspect that it is related to the fact that my system profiler displays in memory section 'There was an error while gathering this information.' , and 'about this mac' shows 6GB 400MHz RAM, while in fact it is 1600MHz. I have declared all the info as kernel flags: macmodel=MacPro4,1 (3,1) MemSpeed=1600 MemType=DDR3 boot-uuid=xxxxxx But it doesn't affect what is seen by the 'system profiler'. Dos this method work only with Voodoo kernel and the new 10.5.7 vanilla kernel requires another method? I'm a little bit confused, since now there is also the smbios.plist to be modified and athe boot.plist. I thought that modification of smbios.plist is for Chamelen_v2_RC1 but I'm probably wrong. So what should be modified in a case of Vanilla kernel and Chameleon_v1012?
  3. Did it help? Did you managed to set the system up successfully using the newest 3.6 script? I had the same issue and finally I performed the installation on my MacBook, but I still have an issue with the audio kext that I had to finally remove to boot my system. Did you use the latest 3.6 script? Did everything go fine with the audio kexts? Did you modify anything, or just run the default set of kexts?
  4. Hi, After installation using the new script and default kexts, my system crashes with the series of errors: Property 'Driver-18XX000' [8] = (data) (XX are series of letters) Property 'Driver-19XX000' [8] = (data) I narrowed down the problem to the audio kexts, and noticed that in the EX58-UDP5 kext package, the audio kexts are of differnet sizes than the ones provided with the script. HDAEnabler.kext 44KB in the script, 36KB in the kext package LegacyHDAcontroller.kext 8KB in the script, 4KB in the kext package LegacyHDAPlatformDriver.kext 24KB in the script, 20KB in the kext package Are both version appropriate for the 9.7 vanilla kernell? Which bios version should be used with the 3.6 script, F4/F5/F6? Does it matter at all? Can I use the 10.5.7 combo update instead of the 10.5.6 and then the 10.5.7? Where is the trick? Adamk0
  5. Hello, If you used DD's script you should run it again, select option 8) 'Modify boot plist', select your drive, and then select option 'Kernel Flags:' to add for example '-v'. I'm experiencing similar problem with my installation performed using the newest 3.6 version. In my case the problem is with the audio kexts. If in your case the problem is associated with audio kexts, you can try remove them: go to 'Kexts/_Audio' directory and move LegacyHDAPlatformDriver.kext and LegacyHDAController.kext back to /_repository/, and then run again option 5), 6) and 7) of the script ('Run kext/kernell installer', 'Update boot caches', and 'Run DST patcher'). Of course if you remove these kexts you won't get your sound card working So it's not the solution, just a hint how to investigate further your problem. Adamk0

    Hello, I had similar problems running Matlab - I was getting 'Bus error' each time i tried to run it. As for now, the only solution that works for me is running Matlab without with '-nodisplay' option. So basically you can run Matlab typing in your terminal: /Applications/MATLAB_R2008a/bin/matlab -nodisplay Of course you get no GUI, but better something than nothing. You can also try to disable java adding -nojvm flag to your command, but from my experience it is not a matter of Java but just X11. You can also try to open 'Start MATLAB Settings', select 'Terminal' and put '-nodisplay' in the Run command box. I hope it helps, at least partially. Adam