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  1. Rocketfish Bluetooth issue

    Yep thats my kit and it would probably work better with a different bluetooth adapter, given that the adapter is natively supported... I don't have my hackintosh anymore (got me a Macbook Pro) but if I remember correctly, my other bluetooth dongle worked to an extent after I modified the kexts to ensure that it was loading the kext for my device. I recommend giving it a try because the worse than can happen is that you spend about 2 dollars getting a bluetooth adapter and it turns out to not work.
  2. DVD Setup Won't Even Start

    Well I managed to somehow fix it. There was a kext set that was just slightly out of my sight the last few times I tried installing OS X in the XxX Leo installer DVD. The kext set is in the Others category called "Old ACPI/APIC kexts". This along with the DSDT and Chameleon bootloader allows me to boot into OS X without the cpus=1 flag AND I no longer get the mac framework error. Now the only downside is that Sys. Profiler is not registering my OC'd processor with the correct clock speed. Hopefully its just cosmetic, or at least easy to solve. Anyway for those who don't have the XxX Leo installer DVD here are the kexts my system is running on atm AppleACPIPlatform.kext.zip AppleAPIC.kext.zip
  3. DVD Setup Won't Even Start

    Well setting your SATA to "Legacy" or "Compatable" in the bios will allow you to at least get the DVD to boot but after you install..... may the gods be with you LOL Honestly I don't know what it is but I found BrazilMac's 9a581 patch so I'm gunna reinstall later and try using this one. I'll post results if I get any
  4. DVD Setup Won't Even Start

    I tried these fixes and I still get the same issue.... Ive tried using the ACPI patches from all the DVDs... nothing. Also this AppleACPIPlatform.kext is a real pain to find.... I can't seem to get my hands on anything other than one from 10.5.5
  5. I use hackintosh more than OSx86 as well simply cuz its easier to say and its easier for people to understand wtf your going on about. I also agree that this would fit into the debate section but I'm not allowed to make topic in there so its here instead lol off topic: Nice XANA avatar lol
  6. DVD Setup Won't Even Start

    Oh my apologies I didn't think my gfx card would really matter so I left it out intentionally. I'll try disabling all those unnecessary devices however my BIOS is rather awkward and limited compared to the one on my older board (ironic isn't it...) As for the problem itself, I managed to get myself a screenshot of the problem at the point where it just stops completely. Sorry for the quality, my hands were a bit shaky this morning and I had to compress the image to get it under 2MB
  7. DVD Setup Won't Even Start

    Sorry you seem to have misunderstood my issue here. Its not a VGA issue because my ATI Radeon 2600 HD PRO PCI-E works without any additional drivers. The problem is that when I try booting OS X it just halts completely for no apparent reason. It seems to be stopping around the time where it should be loading up the root device but it never even says "Still waiting on root device" or never even shows the initialization of the driver for the root device. Its as though OS X doesn't even know the drives/controller exists. Ive also tried booting with rd=rdisk0s2 from the DVD but it shows up "Still waiting for root device" and using rd=rdisk1s2 (the dvd drive) from the hard drive gives the same issue meaning that the problem is between the initialization of the controller drivers and w/e comes before that. However unlike last time with the DVD, I don't get reboot kernel panics and I actually get to see the verbose message this time without even using the CPUS=1 flag. Ill try and get an image tomorrow. I've also tried individual drivers one at a time from various install ditros and still nothing special from any of them.... And yes I am making sure its compatible with ICH7 or atleast compatible with legacy controller instructions because thats the only mode I can set my controller in the BIOS that wont cause halt/reboot panics with the installation DVD, which for some reason will only read the SATA drive AFTER installer has been fully loaded so single user mode cannot mount the SATA drive. Another thing I noticed is that when I boot without verbose there is no spinning circle under rthe grey apple..... If I'm not mistaken this means the issue is before the root device even gets accessed... Hopefully that was enough information to help clarify my issue a bit more.
  8. haha that's the name I had in mind but it just doesn't have that OSx86 ring to it you know
  9. But thats the thing.... Macs now only run on Intel Core2 processors which are all i386, PPC is no longer in production nor is it in use by Apple therefore, there is really no other architechture other than i386 now. Which is why this thought came to me.
  10. Ok guys I need some here here because I cannot for the life of me figure out what the hell is causing this issue. I've done installed of OS X on many different hardware setups but I've never come across this issue before. When I boot my install DVD (Ive tried XxX, JaS and iPC and probably another one but I don't remember which) and all of them except JaS cause my computer to reboot even in verbose mode just after the dsmos starts or after the MAC framework thing does its.... thing. I've tried running with all kinda of flags like -x -v -legacy cpus=1 and nothing seems to help. However when I used cpus=1 darwin at least didn't reboot automatically and allowed verbose to show me something before halting completely (DVD was not locked in the drive or being accessed) JaS will just plain hang at the same place as the others with or without the cpus=1 flag. I'm thinking its lack of SATA drivers for my rig thats causing the hang but I have no clue what could be causing the reboot other than a kernel panic or a halt.reboot from one of Apple's kexts My setup is as follows Biostar G31E-M7 - Intel 82801GB/GR/GH SATA I/O controller -- 320GB Seagate Barracuda - Intel G31/G33/G35 chipset - Realtek RTL8168D/8111D Gb Ethernet Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93 OC'd to 3.3GHz 4GB RAM DDR2-800 Any help would be appreciated; thanks in advance guys!
  11. I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section but I'm really curious as to what everyone here on Insanely Mac has to say about this thought that just popped into my head today... You see back in the olden days of Jaguar/Panther and what not, the OSx86 project was originally started to "emulate Mac OS X on the i386 architecture" thus the name OSx86 (OS X on x86). Even with great pioneers like PearPC and QEmu PPC on i386 was a hell of a challenge and pretty much stumped anyone unless the planets aligned and there was a flux in the space time continuum....( sorry I had to) However as time passed Apple split a deal with Intel and now Macs use Intel's fancy new Core2 processors and the PPC days were throw in the back right next to the Dark Ages and the Medieval times. So this means that now OS X runs off the i386 architecture as well as PPC for those still in the Middle ages.... So then the thought came to me (while reinstalling OS X on my comp with a Core2Duo).. Why is it still called OSx86 when its no longer anything special to put OS X on i386 because its already been ported there and x86 cannot simply mean 32bit as it is mistaken to be because OS X is hybrid 32/64bit? Also what names could you think of that might replace OSx86 if I accidentally managed to somehow get it changed with my hunch lol Just wanted to get that out there to curb my curiosity a bit. Mods, feel free to move this anywhere else if it is in the wrong section.
  12. OSX86 doesn't find my mouse/keyboard?

    It works with the DVD because the DVD HAS the driver you need to get your keyboard working. The issue here is that you have the wrong driver or you are missing the appropriate driver. Also check to make sure the installer isn't already installing custom PS/2 drivers because they will probably conflict with the good drivers that you have selected. Right now all I can recommend is to take time to do trial and error with every PS/2 driver one at a time until you find exactly the one you need then do another fresh install installing everything you need including that PS/2 driver.
  13. USB issues

    Try a different kernel and system.kext
  14. no Bluetooth after 10.5.8 update

    If bluetooth in SysPrefs allows you to activate bluetooth then that means the device is working as it shuld however bluetooth is not becoming active immediately on boot as it shuld. You can try checking the "Show Bluetooth status on the menu bar" box so that the bluetooth icon staysin the top right for easy access. You also know that your hackintosh is seeing the bluetooth device because Apple hides the bluetooth option from SysPrefs when there is no adapter present... annoying for advanced users but helpful for newbies i guess....
  15. I need 2 drivers....

    USB is usually from mismatched kernel and system.kext files