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  1. visit: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page Here you find a list of computers that will work with OS X
  2. Hi there, I plan to install an ITX board in an old B&W case. First of all: Can I use the Macintosh power connector for the Foxconn 45CS Motherboard? I Was looking for a standard ATX board to install but I would encounter some greater mechanical problems therefore. Anyway, I will have original Apple hardware to intall the Mac Os Wolfgang
  3. Hi, I'm still interested in a driver. A higher resolution can be achieved by editing the start conditions (forgot the name of the file to edit). I got a resolution 1600x1200! Presently I work on virtualisation of Os X: http://d4wiki.goddamm.it/index.php/Howto:_Mac_OSX_on_KVM Running as a virtual machine on Ubuntu which incorporates the driver for the Intel 865 at least the graphics should work with Hackintosh.
  4. HELP!?!?!?!

    You can download a Kalyway VMWARE image for hackintosh. It is told that VmWare images also work with Virtualbox. I don't know about the hackintosh image.
  5. editing info.plist

    Hi there, For a very long time I try to make my hackintosh work (my wife is already very much upset about me spending such a long time turning to my computer.) I am trying to make my Intel 865G video work properly, Kalyway 10.4.8, HP D530U. I could already get a resolution of 1600x1200 by setting the boot parameters, but some things do not work, like VLC, DVD player, etc.. There have been so many hints for patching the AppleIntel830.kext. But in fact, all these activities were like fishing in muddy water. I did not really know what I did. An the only result was permanent rebooting and see that things do not work. The first little success was to the use of "kextcache" to bring the kext into the cache for the next booting. After using this command I received an error-message (or warning). I would like to know the meaning of the different lines inside the info.plist. I learned a little by doing: a word inside peak-brackets "<" and ">" is the beginning of a function, the same word with a leading slash "/" is the termination of this function. But what kind of data is delivered to the driver? I think, once knowing the contents of the input will make me able to better handle the drivers, or even make them work satisfactory. Some people reported the AppleIntel915.kext to patch and make it work with Intel 865G. And computers are so fussy to miff mistyping of a single charater. Can you help t bring light into the darkness of 865g drivers for the mac Os? Adding Feb.22: maybe there is a tutorial that describes exactly what I think of? Also: I think of the idea that this thread could end in a tutorial for editing the info.plist to finally make users know what they do when patching this file, and not just copying some instructions .. ... still the same day: Feb.22: Comparing all the "info.plist" from different kext, I found one detail: One instruction for implementing the AppleIntel830.kext was: "Search the line showing IOPCImatch, below that in the next line enter the ID of your graphics device". Since in my computer, as in many others the graphics device is a built-in device, and not accessed by PCI. So, I guess the "word" IOPCIMatch must be edited too, and changed into another expression. Now, I must find out the correct expression in the line above the device-ID. Are there any ideas for it?
  6. Installing/Loading a Kext...

    I have the same problem: Whatever I patch with AppleIntel830.kext, (or 915), the kext is not recognized. HP 530U Graphic: Intel865G (onboard). Device ID 0x2572. I kept mixing and renaming, and patching files, but without the described success. Running the System Profiler, look at Graphics/Displays I get the information "No Kext Loded" I have been looking for so many instructions for how to install the kext. I could change the resolution to 1600x1200 but no video or movie works. It is like stepping in the darkness, is there any possibility to know what I do? What kind of data works with the graphics chip? To see any reaction of the machine to any applied data insted of trying one after the other, keeping to reboot the computer?
  7. Login Problems

    Me too, I had problems in logging in recently. After I asked for a new log in (password forgotten) I could log in again, and then set the password to the previous value. Now, since my Hackintosh starts working I have the same problem again on the "new" machine. Using Firefox with NOSCRIPT installed I gave permission to all sites with no effect. I do not want to need the same procedure again. Is there any solution? Wolfgang MAR 18.2009: Hi there, Again I had a problem in logging in. Then I pretended to answer a post, and was led a different log-in window. There the log-in worked!
  8. all information about the system

    Sorry, it looks like I am doing self-entertainment .. Anyway, I found a page explaining procedures during a startup of the Mac Os X: http://www.kernelthread.com/mac/osx/arch_startup.html The internet connection works perfectly now except the record of the MAC address in the system. I found that others have the same problem. Since the internet connection works it is only some kind of missing beauty (?). Anyway, during the startup of the system all information is taken from a cache, so the MAC address too, I guess. When changing the MAC address using "ifconfig" this change is possibly not registered in this cache data, and any change will be ignored. Malfunction of the network was a question of incorrect network configuration. After I have my HP D530U (U stands for ultra slim) fully working I think I will write a small instruction for it. Comments for a discussion are very much welcome. Wolfgang
  9. I posted in http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=151479 about my problems in making the Os X run properly. All the readers seem to be as helpless as I am. I found at least one system file that contains information about the MAC which can be edited manually: /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/preferences.plist This file also contains informations. I edited the MAC address there, but my computer still reports the MAC address as 00:00:00:00:00:00 in the system profiler. But the network interface itself is recognized when I type "ifconfig" in the terminal (but not working). Which data must (or can) also be edited manually to configure the hardware? There is another problem making the graphics working properly, but later .. The source of this problem maybe similar. Is there any list about which system file (or driver) is used for which purpose? I am very thankful about any hints. Wolfgang
  10. HP D530U resists installing drivers

    ... Maybe someone can report his/her experiences installing tiger on this computer???
  11. Kernel panic prior to install

    I had a kernel panic too, after that I checked the item before installing that says sonething like Intel... (or AMD..) It is not automatically checked when starting the installation. .. oops forgot: Erase the partition before a newly Installation. It works with haddisk utioities.
  12. Hi, I have a HP Compaq Business Desktop D530 Ultra-slim PC. Recently I tried to install Tiger on it. See the picture: http://pcbrokerph.com/goods/images/20080915015052cont3.jpg The install works without problems, OsX is booting. for installing the Brodcom network driver the PC resists all tries to make it work properly. I did all patches I found in this forum. When writing IFCONFIG using the terminal I can see the interface en0 being detected. I can input the MAC address. It does appear after typing IFCONFIG. But it does not appear in the system profiler, also after a reboot the MAC address is lost (using IFCONFIG). Similar to the display driver. The system profiler gives me the (onboard) graphics card ID 0x2572. It is an Intel 865 chipset. All attempts to make the display work in 1600x1200 resolution failed. In Windows as well in UBUNTU I could acieve this resolution. Also, in this forum it is reported that this resolution is possible. I do not even come to another resolution than 1200x1000 (reported by the dock, I did not count them). Any ideas? It is a nice small computer yet powerful ineough for my demands. I would like to use it with Os X. Wolfgang