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  1. AppleIntelE1000e.kext for 10.8/10.7/10.6/10.5

    Any updates about the 82575EB? I've got Intel® Workstation Board S5520SC that is missing only the ethernet part
  2. Can I install the windows into the Iphone?

    Common People... or am I not getting that this thread is one big joke. CPUs... In order for a software to run on a platform it has to be compiled ("talk" in the machine language) of the platform. Here are some platforms that are being used by consumer computers: PowerPC (G3,G4,G5,etc... and even IBMs servers) - Platform with many advantages. x86 / x64 Architectures (Intel Core2Duo, 386, 486, Pentium, AMDs, etc...) - The most common consumer PC platform. ARM (Intel PXA, Samsung, TI OP)- Now this one is being used for portable devices... Why ARM? - because it's energy efficient, it doesn't have a real-time hard clock (if I remember right) and its basically ultra portable so it's being used on most portable devices such as: cell phones, PDAs, iPods and all of those. Included with them are - Palm's Products, Blackjack, HTC, iPhone and most products we see portable. Just like anything else in order for an Operating System to run on the product it must be written for it. and in order for Input/Output (keypad/buttons, display, touch screen/pad, bluetooth, wifi) it must use specific drivers and firmware. So basically the iPhone is just like most of HTC products except of the touch-screen apple introduced. However, in order for one OS to run on the platform it must be designed for it. Windows except of Windows Mobile / Windows CE based can't run on those machines without very nasty re-writing of the product.. (Vista/XP) Apple however uses OS X which is NextStep. the main reason Apple bought NS was the portability of NextStep OS. "Universal Binaries" and all the "magic" is within NextStep origin. so most if not all components of the OS can be ported (just like Linux... mmm... OS X is kinda linux... FreeBSD ). The iPhone is one of the first commercial Linux (FreeBSD) phones out there. Apple tries to hide the possibilities but OS X for mobile is one of the most powerful Mobile OSs being used today. (handicapped in Apple's way )
  3. Pro Tools, SWOD & OpenGL

    I've finally got 10.4.8 DVD easy enough for install. simply installed it to our IDE System drive and OS X is working well. Installed all our software (PTLE 7.3.1cs2 with 002R) and everything works like a charm. it even feels better than my Macbook... However few issues that seems to be related to OpenGL limit the use of OS X... - Visual Freeze - This is an old PT (since 7.x) bug. however with the hackintosh it's reproducible very often. especially with lower buffers (keep in mind the playback/recording DOES continue). - SWOD when opening sessions with Quicktime video - If I open a session with movie playback starts immediately but when trying to stop it take 4-5 seconds until it response. during that time you see the Spinning Wheel Of Death - Improt Audio Command stops - trying to playback files from the Import Audio dialog stops the audio after few seconds and then re-initiate it. System: AMD Athlon64 3800+ X2 2GB DDR400 nVidia FX5200 40GB System 40GB 160GB
  4. Macbook firewire power

    I have had the Focusrite Saffire for few days here. Was working fine with Macbook Weird it's broken under MBP.
  5. What old Macs you have lying around?

    I had some macs in my life but I gave them away or sold them ... I kept the small ones I can still store easily. - Macintosh Portable - Powerbook 180 or something old as that (B&W LCD, SCSI, Floppy & HD)
  6. Macbook Pro interface recommendations.

    Did you use the right USB port? "Due to internal USB architecture issues on the MacBook Pro, use of Digidesign, M-Audio, or third-party USB audio devices is supported on the left-hand USB ports only (the port or ports next to the power adapter cable)." Firewire cards should work fine at 128 samples. 64 samples is still tricky on those machines imho.
  7. M-audio Firewire 410

    Great card for the price you pay. 2 analog ins 8 analog outs 2x2 Digital I/O... "fine" pre-amps (the Mbox 2 pres are better and ofcourse FF800/400...) Since they've fixed the first revision issues once you get this card working it's very stable and works really well.
  8. On the same boat. AMD X2 3800+ 2GB DDR GA939NSC (or whatever this nForce 3 is...) nVidia GeForce 5200 40 ATA (System) 40 ATA 320 ATA It get stuck on HUB0 or something... and the patch on the root of the installed copy is different name and when trying to apply the patch it would say it cannot patch any of the files. (even with sudo).
  9. Freezes during boot, but.....

    To me it sounds as simple as optical issue. DVD-Rs/DVD+Rs has great incompatibilities even with the exact same optical drive. Try re-burning the disc. especially in slower writing speed and maybe with different brand for the media.
  10. Mac OS X 10.5 9A326 Seeded

    anyone can extract the BootCamp 1.2 drivers and share them?
  11. MacBook SMC Firmware Update 1.1 Released

    I had the RSD and got my MB replaced the first time and the second time my heatsink... New heatsink is working for week now. No temperature changes from first mb to newer mb or with new heatsink. The new SMC seems to be like the 1.1... it makes your fan blow at low speeds all the time keeping the machine @ 56c average. I believe Apple made it for: a. Cover their as* from future RSD issues = keeping machine cooler will avoid first revision heatsinks Macbooks with no RSD issues to develop them. b. Make all Macbooks cooler. I didn't apply the first SMC update on my new motherboard because I didn't like it using the fan all the time. This time I decide to go a head just because it suppose to fix thermal readings and other things...
  12. Any PowerPC is a joke... Just to give you some pov, I work on studios (I work on music)... usually you have rigs based on PowerMacs G5s @ 2Ghz (Duals) and Pro Tools HD ("accelerated dsp for audio effects"). HD|2 rig with G5 2ghz x2 feels much slower than LE(no DSP / only cpu) & Macbook 2Ghz x2. The amount of time I get SWODs are way too much than with my Macbook. Before the macbook I bought the iBook G4 1.2Ghz to be on the mac side. it was my 2nd laptop. my 1st was bought 2 years before and was a 1.4Ghz Centrino (Pentium-M)... the PM1.4Ghz was MUCH faster and was purchased 2 years before!!. (OT I also had OS X on it before I gave it and it was a bit faster than my iBook ). Graphics: Now you'll get some better compatibility & peformance with a Powerbook but... by 2007 when Adobe gets their Universal solutions the Macbook would gain much better performance. Video: That's true. GMA950 isn't Radeon 9200 or whatever the Powerbook offers. but it has 2 cores @ 2Ghz v.s. one VERY old G4 extended to the limit 1.67Ghz @ 167mhz FSB (top?!) The only applications benefit from better graphics are: - Games (and to be honest, once you get a Macbook you can use pc and the cpu will boost what the G4 cannot keep up) - NLE Video - The only products I know that utilize the GPU are Apple's... so Final Cut would benefit from GPU but 2Ghz x2 Chip @ 667Mhz should be better than 1.67Ghz oldie @ 167Mhz. - Composing - AE would benefit the Powerbook since there is no universal yet. but once there will be no doubt Macbook will be better animal even with onboard graphics... RAM: Get as much as you can... Applecare: Can be renewed only under Warranty = if the product is less than 1year.
  13. Well I've just go the Random Shutdowns back... This is a BRAND NEW Motherboard with a serial number from late August! Also the keyboard enclosure has been replaced on Thursday ... I hope I'll get them to give me a new machine or something because I've already been there TWICE! (actually three as one time was to put the machine to repair)
  14. I'm now a week after the fix... They've replaced my Motherboard but then it won't sleep (when you close the lid) because they've forgotten to HOOK IT UP!!!! So I had to go again... this time I told them also about 2 issues I've discovered over the week I had it back... The keyboard enclosure had some bumps with the connection to the body... and my internal screen (13.3) sometimes gets weird graphics when it gets back online (after Energy Saving). They haven't solve that one but they've replaced my keyboard/mouse enclosure. It might be that cable or so but in addition to that the newer Motherboard runs a bit cooler - 65c - 73c when extensively used... (for example now I'm bouncing a mix under PTLE ... CPU @ 73% @ 2Ghz @ 67c)
  15. New iPods, iTunes, and iTV

    Anyone know if the gapless playback available on the new Nano? I guess it is but I haven't seen any confirmation...