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  1. Does anyone have an idea of how to get audio working for El Capitan on a Gigabyte ga-g31m-es2l rev. 1.1 . Sound has been working on this board since snow leopard, but I can not quite figure out what the problem is now?
  2. I'll be damned! I gave up after looking (almost) everywhere. Awesome find. Unfortunately, I decided to run OSX via clover and Ubuntu in a VM. But I miss some linux stuff, so I may go back. Thank you for the update!
  3. I'm running Workstation 11.2 on Ubuntu. Any idea when sound will be fixed? I've tried everything and always vcpu-0. Does anyone know when 11.2 might come out?
  4. Have any of you figured out how to get sound working in Workstation 11.1? No matter what I do I get the vcpu-0 error.
  5. Does anyone have solution for getting the sound to work on a Linux VMware workstation 11.1 setup?
  6. Is there a solution to actually getting sound to work with VMWare workstation and Yosemite? I've tried replacing the sound.Filename to no avail.