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  1. @314Ter These caused your assertions errors One pinconfig was wrong. 01E71C70 01E71D10 01E71E4B 01E71F01 must be 01E71C70 01E71D61 01E71E4B 01E71F01 and line in must have mutegpio 838.926.362 That was it Kindly regards, Woody
  2. @314Ter I cannot exactly say what caused the sound assertion errors. I found a Difference in your pinconfig and sequences. Your headphone looked like that : 01B71C30 01B71D40 01B71E21 01B71F01. Mine looks like 01B71C70 01B71D40 01B71E21 01B71F02. The Difference is that i have changed the last complex from F01 to F02. That means that the connection is at the front panel not at rear. If you look in my HDA Hardware Config Resource you will find a different verb order. By myself I can explain that the sound assertion error had something to do with the Headphone pinconfig and the verb order. I could test it and could exactly locate the error, but I have no time. To get this to work i looked at a working applehda.kext for ALC888 and 889. In each Hardware Config Resource the piconfig order was different as in your Hardware Config Resource. In both kext ALC888 and 889 the piconfig order was exactly the same. So i found out that the sound assertions were related to the pinconfig order and the verb for headphone. My green out at rear is exactly like yours, the Speaker output. So it should work like a normal HDA Headphone with unmuting the green out at rear when a headphone is plugged in. I had no chance to test it, because i only have an AC97 front panel. I used the back mic instead of the front mic because my ac97 front panel is not connected to my board. The next difference is to find in the layout. I think the line in must have a mutegpio. I added 838.926.362 for mutegpio. It is for node id 26(blue line in). You can find that in your verb.txt It took me hours to find the solution for aworking hda for ALC882. I had no chance to get two mics and the grey output work together. With two mics i had an error in the fmikeydriver. I read that you have a new Hack Project. You can use the kext and could modify it for your sound chip. I have another question. How can i fix the DSDT so that the restart works without the chameleon restart fix. Kindly regards, Woody MuteGPIO_Table_Sheet1.pdf
  3. at Flashlab Stupid question: You write something about a bios 2602 Dump. My question is which Bios are you using with your board. I asked this because 314Ter´ DSDT is from the 3001 Bios. I use the 3001 Bios with a C2D E6600 and Geforce 8800GT and the DSDT from 314Ter I have no problems with sleep. Found this on chameleon.osx86 from User Jamonda JAMONDA · 12. DECEMBER 2009, 21:24 · # Hi, fellows. I solved the graphics detection and sleep issues doing this: – decompile dsdt.aml – edit dsdt.dsl and look for Device (PCI0) – change Name (_UID, One) for Name (_UID, Zero) – recompile dsdt.dsl and use the resulting dsdt.aml Found this fix in http://forum.hbmt.org/viewtopic.php?f=135&t=3763 It’s used to solve problems with GraphicsEnabler with Chameleon RC2/RC3. I didn’t have this issue with RC2/RC3, but I can see that the fix solved the issue I had with RC4. Can anybody explain why changing One to Zero fixes the GFX detection? Thanks.
  4. I used ALC882v25.kext in /E/E with applehdakext from 10.6.2. This gave me 2 sound assertions errors. With the modified 10.6.4 applehda.kext without ALC882v25.kext errors are gone. Thats for me the advantage, but i could modify the kext from 10.6.2 too or you can use my modified ALC882kext. It is one page before. Not working: front mic grey output Two mic´s are not working. You can only have front or rear mic. (can be changed) I don´t know the difference between 10.6.2 and 10.6.4 kext.
  5. Hello again, here is my fully working applehda.kext from 10.6.4 binary patched. Before you install it, you have to delete the ALC882v25.kext in the extra folder and you must use the DSDT from 314Ter. The easiest way to install the hdakext is to use Kexthelper. Enjoy it Kindly regards Woody01 Please give me a feedback how it is working on your System. WoodyHDA.zip
  6. ALC882Woody_1.kext.zip After a long work any many informations on this site i managed to built a modified version from 314Ter´s legacy hda audio kext. This kext is based on knowledges from many other people on this site. What will work: - No sound assertions errors anymore - Digital out coaxial and optical - working - rear mic - working - green line out at rear - working - black line out at rear - working - orange line out at rear - working - line in - working - grey line out at rear - not working - front mic - not working - headphones - not testet (have no HDA Panel only AC97) Please give me a feedback if this kext works by you. You have to use 314Ter´s DSDT for enabling audio. Since 10.6.3 you have to use the applehda.kext from 10.6.2 or you can use the latest one, but then you have to modify the binary from apple hda from 8508ec10 ti 8208ec10. Thanks again to 314Ter for his hard work. I hope you enjoy my work