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  1. hey guys i'm thinking of getting either this or the hp tm2 refresh. if i get it i'll keep you posted. i'm thinking an efi boot cd with retail snow might work and then it's just a matter of piecing kexts together.
  2. OSX D430

    @sketchy 9 none really and it seems like i'm late to the party too =( i just inherited a D430 and was wondering how well tiger works. i dont care if it's an outdated OS. i just need it for OSX on the go. OP said that it worked but there were no artifacts and I was wondering about what he meant by that?
  3. Hey, wonderful guide. I'm very new to this so i dont know if i should be posting this here, however, i have a t8300 2.40ghz with nvidia gpu and i've been using the DSDT.aml for any cpu with nvidia graphics. All the kexts work that have been provided, except slice's voodoohda. When placed in the S/L/E i get a kernel panic and can't even boot into the system, forcing me to either reinstall snow leopard or another operating system. Is there something that i'm doing wrong? I've had to go through this twice, the first time I thought it could have been because I used macgirl's nvinject but it wasn't it because the second time I tryed to install the voodoohda kext, nvinject was not installed. I'm using: fakesmc.kext VoodooTSCSync.kext VoodooBattery.kext IOATAFamily.kext IOATAFamily.kext VoodooPS2Controller.kext VoodooSDHC.kext NVinject.kext Both installations I was also using chameleon RC4. I am at wits end because everything works perfectly except the sound. =( Thanks -Adam EDIT: nevermind, i didn't backup and delete the original AppleHDA.kext in S/L/E before installing with kext utility.
  4. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    so...currently i'm taking out the stock wifi card and replacing it with dell wireless 1505 (which works currently under 10.5) EDIT: so i installed it. BUT! b/c i dont have the damn U FL extentions 10.6 recognizes it but cannot connect it ;( first my mkv blu ray rips wont work and now this! =(
  5. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    Here , it's the guide I'm going to use once I change my wifi card. But, LeMaurien19, if I don't have to flash my bios, I don't think I'm going to do it considering this is the only time that I'm going to open up the computer. Also, do you know where I can find a guide on how to swap out the stock wifi card.
  6. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    Aw man, thanks so much! =D I already figured out that it was pin 20 and i saw the post on page 36 or 37 but I just didn't know how to actually cover it. ;( But basically I can just remove the stock wifi or completely remove it and place it in the WWAN slot, stick in my dell wireless 1505 and ill be alright? I don't have to flash the bios or do anything special?
  7. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    hey everybody im really confused. i have a dell wireless 1505 in my xps m1330 and its a full pci-e card. now i dont know how to actually "cover" pin 20 and plus if i have to downgrade my bios meaning im going to have to go back to xp or seven ;( -adam
  8. Hey everybody, I recently updated my mini 311 to SL and bought an ASUS WL-167g USB wireless card as the wifi alternative since its clearly stated that stock wifi does not work. However, it constantly gives me kernel panics and I was wondering if I can use the dell wireless 1505 card that I have in my dell xps m1330 to either replace or add along side the stock wifi. Thanks - and if this isn't the place to post this type of a question, I'm very sorry.
  9. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    will the voodoohda also work on the m1330? and also is it possible to install snow leopard on dl-dvd rather than usb?
  10. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    Hi, I am a complete noob, before hand i managed to get 10.5.7 working on my m1330 but switched to windows 7 to check it out. Now i want to go back to osx and try 10.6. My only problem is, is that I dont have an 8GB flash drive, is it possible to get SL working on DL DVD disc, using the boot-123 method?
  11. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    anyone know if the guide + kexts work for snow leopard?
  12. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    will this guide be updated for 10.6 b/c according to the bay of pirates the retail is out.....
  13. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    ive posted here before and i have a question for either talisman or wingrunr suppose i install parallels or vmware fusion on my m1330 and ive legally acquired an xp or vista image, can i install the speaker and internal mic drivers for windows and use the mic through the emulated windows for lets say, skype sessions?
  14. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    wingrunr21, what kext do you use to get your internal mic working?
  15. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    private torrent, unfortunately i cannot tell you where =/