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  1. Then, was not a problem only mine! the audio does not work to many people, I installed some kext from 701 package now audio works, but not the trackpad. We Expect the final installer of Doix. Thanks
  2. OK then what should I do for sound? I can also wait for the rest, is not as important as sound. Probably I have to install or delete some kext or write some code on startup?
  3. Hi, this advice is for me or futuregator15? I tried to reinstall everything last night, as he explains his guide and everything works except the sound card, temperature,multitouch of trackpad; then I can not understand if the speedtest was put into operation or not. Thnks
  4. the result is as before. From list nothing works unfortunately. probably I have to delete something else? I'm one step away from the end
  5. Ok thanks, so the PC does not work either, I try to reinstall everything iAktos. To boot I know that rBoot is only for the first time
  6. I asked because frankly I did not understand what is the speed test. I tried to install everything manually and also using your last pack but don't work anything unless graphics card Thanks
  7. Thanks a lot Doix you arte the best. Now work even with 10.7.2 but don't work: audio multitouch of trackpad brightness with the hotkeys and i don't see temperature detection another question (stupid question) what I gain installing speedstep like 3 turbo states ? with 9 turbo can I damage cpu? Thanks DoiX now I'm very happy
  8. ok i wait your guide... in my opinion the problem is my gt525... please post even the right DSDT... Thanks a lot to all
  9. Hi, I tried this method, but every time I go into ox enter "-v-f GraphicsEnabler busratio = 23 = No" so I decided to install 10.7.2 but now when I restart exit "Framebuffer SNB did not show up, unload "followed by continuous" Still waiting for root device "what should I do at this point? I almost lost all hope. Thanks a lot DoiX
  10. Not even start with the -x even if I add the various strings...
  11. My XPS 15 stop whith the same line: "Transcript Offline - Buffer Pool Allocate [181000] failed"... We expect DoiX ...
  12. It's the same with 4gb and 23 of busratio , the script stop like ever at "buffer pool allocate [181000] failed whith rBoot system say: "This is a non recoverable error! System HALTED!!!"
  13. the laptop is l502x , is the same as the guide, the only differences are that mounts 8gb, GT 520 graphics card and processor 2820qm. I don't know the revision but the kext that i install are like a guide. Probably it's new relase, but what is the differences ?How I should install to different from the tutorial of lion? I do not know, i'm demoralized can you tell me which kexts i should install? Sorry for my bad english