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  1. At the moment until Apple releases an update for boot camp. You need 2GB of memory in order for Vista to play nice. As far as I know their is no other option I am in the same boat and not to happy about it. Hopefully soon apple will release an updated version of boot camp that will allow vista to work with 1GB of memory -Matt
  2. You are not the only one. I have the exact same issue with the ATI X1900. Either people have figured it out but I am leaning towards that they have given up until apple fixes this very annoying problem
  3. Mac Pro users please look here... Thx

    I have tried everything and have yet to get my ATI X1900 Video Card working on Vista using Bootcamp. I get the error that their are not enough resources. Looked all over the internet and have not found an updated driver that may fix the issue. Apple really needs to get this issue resolved ASAP.
  4. Vista RTM ATI driver not installing

    I was able to install vista with very little trouble in vmware network and sound drivers are not working but video is working just fine I think our problem is something directly associated with bootcamp Or I guess it could be a driver issue. Since Microsoft I doubt designed into vista the ability to run on a mac with little trouble. Guess we will have to wait and see what apple does with the next bootcamp release
  5. Vista RTM ATI driver not installing

    While installing vista the first time under bootcamp I did notice something strange It is running in 640x480 4bit color mode during install as well. I am now installing under vmware and the color problem at least during install is gone. I think that maybe bootcamp is causing vista to screw up and it has nothing to do with a driver that has to be installed. Because this is the RTM copy of vista you would tend to thing microsoft would want their install to be as pretty as possible. the x1900 did come out before vista was finished. So one would tend to think that the installer would recognize the card and be able to have more then 4bit colors. I will know more once install has completed in vmware. Also the RAM requirement should have nothing to do with it. Vista can just use HDD space if their is not enough ram. Vista would just run slower then normal since HDD access is not as fast as RAM
  6. Vista RTM ATI driver not installing

    I tried in safe mode and it had no effect at all. Driver would not start in safe mode. Right when I went back into none safe mode I got the exact same error I don't know why it would say 2GB is required. The requirements for Vista is only 1GB
  7. Vista RTM ATI driver not installing

    I saw that thread earlier and starting noticing it seems to be a wide spread issue Went to intels website and downloaded any updated driver I could find for the 5000x chipset and that didn't do a thing. Only driver I found had to do with RAID. I'm starting to think apple needs to update their driver CD with support for vista and not just XP
  8. I have been trying all day long to install Vista on my Mac Pro. I have been able to install both the 32 bit and 64bit version without any errors. Except for the fact of my ATI X1900 not working I only get 640x480 4bit color. When I look in device manager it says not enough resources? This is a MAC PRO for crying out loud there are enough resources. Has anybody found a work around for this problem? This is a standard 2.66 mac pro with 1 extra SATA HDD installed I have gotten the sound/network, etc working but no video If anybody can offer me any advice that would be great because i am running out of ideas. Is this a bootcamp flaw? I have the newest beta installed XP PRO SP2 was working awesome Did a fresh install of vista RTM not an upgrade Thank you in advance for any tips you may have to get this working
  9. Best OSx86 laptop / notebook

    I own the Z71A and OSX runs awesome . Got Rosetta working last night. Only things that don't work is video is not accelerated yet and the network card doesn't work. I was running Itunes last night and could not get it to crash. Awesome laptop for OSX