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    .mkv on Apple TV?

    hi PROTOTYPE_SX I have atleast 3 TB of .mkv files and hope to get more to convert them to ATV format , I have dedicated one of mine intel mac to visual Hub because thats the only program which work with .mkv files to ATV infect I have all the program including apple's compressor to sorenson to elgato turbo .264 but the best and the most reliable is visual hub and to day i was searching and found your thread about mpeg stream clip and i tried the way you said and I almost screamed, why ??? because I was able to change .mkv to MOV in few minute and the transfer the same to itune while keeping my finger crossed and YES it was playing in my itune now the reason I am writing all this stupid detail is BECAUSE when i open my ATV and connect that shared lib under Movie it is not showing the movie i saved as MOV with mpeg streamclip can you tell me why or just tell me the way to do it please thanks and please reply to my request