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  1. Graphics - No GPU Power Management

    Couldn't thank you enough for sharing such a straightforward solution for my 560Ti. I've been suffering slightly annoying performance levels playing Diablo III. And it was the only reason that made me boot into Windows. Thanks a lot, man.
  2. After a few more attempts that eventually led to taking a desperate measure (which I never had to take before), it turns out that all I had to do was unplug the display from the GPU and plug it back in. I only had to do this before the language selection window pops up. But after that everything went smoothly. I hope there's going to be a workaround for this in the future. Thank you Dax and Jim. You've been quite helpful.
  3. @Dax and Jim, I've tried all the methods mentioned above. Still no luck :/ This rig used to run ML and Mavericks DPs just fine!
  4. So I've had a look around before writing this, and I wouldn't be if I found a solution already. I tried every suggested workaround to bypass the problem, but to no avail. I don't even have an AMD GPU. And without GraphicsEnabler=Yes I won't be able to see anything, using my 560Ti. Please help.