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  1. Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    Thank you Kogen Mantis, UEFI is a great way to go (and install). My 4236DE2 build is flawless (sound,sleep,display port) with a quick load (UEFI w/ clover IS quicker). Had to add a vodoo battery kext. After playing with several DSDTs I used manwe150's from the other T420 big thread with the "DualLink to 0"fix from post 32 (I have the low resolution monitor). Changed the folder name on EFI partition and bingo. I was getting that black screen before the dual link fix, although connecting an external monitor worked. I simply swapped the drive to my wife's 420: 4177CTR. And all but sound works. No folder change. System profiler even shows her 16 RAM at 1600 MHz(GSkill) and a Firewire port. I can't wait to try the Firewire with a MIDI external soundcard I have. My wife's is a refub but a hellava Macbook. One thing, I put win7 on another Partition and clover wont boot it. Even if the bios is only legacy.myKexts.zip
  2. Asus P5N7A-VM

    BIOS VERSION: 0514 CPU: E6600 C2D @2.4 Ghz RAM: 8Gb (4x2GB) OCZ OCZ2P10004GK @ 800 GPU(s): Integrated nVidida 9300 4 SATA HDD(s) BOOTLOADER: Chameleon 2 RC1 + PCEFI 10.1 boot file no other cards Only AppleHDA.kext, fakesmc.kext, SleepEnabler.kext) have been in the/Extra/Extensions folder DSDT is from freshcocoa site (which is really from post 660 on this site) System Preferences > Sound is greyed out. No output. No Input. Yet System Profiler shows all kinds of jacks. I followed freshcocoa and no sound & orange drives(not worried about the orange). I did start from a non apple, a 10.5.6 hack on this board, using OSXInstall.mkpg on the retail disk to a new HF partition. It installed No errors. It wont -f without KP. From safe mode I create the two mkexts and permissions, owner; and then it boots fine. USB bios option is full. Micron is off. I tried different SATA plugs. I’m thinking the DSDT.AML is not doing it’s sound thing.Yet video is great, which shows the DSDT is doing it’s video thing. AHCI in the BIOS but I have drives in both color SATA plugs (northbridge, southbridge). How can the same board have different experiences? My CPU? My HDD? Which Sata Ports? Tried the HDA Enabler. Still no sound. Is it only me?
  3. Gigabyte's Nvidia 9400 powered M-ATX MOBO

    Bad Board? I Need Help.... I really could use some advice. I have installed and reinstalled Osx from distros but it wasn't till I dropped to 2G ram that I was able to install the NoPE disk and get a nice stable clean install. Then one day it wouldn't boot, I was getting syncing disks.. MACH reboot. I tried to install to a newly partitioned drive, now it would suddenly reboot after it loaded the kexts and the dsdt.aml. Perhaps something was wacky in the BIOS settings, I tried many permutations and even timings. Perhaps hardware, I tried 3 different hard drives, switched out RAM, a different power supply. It shouldn't be this difficult to get something going. I was able to install (and boot) a distro with an older chameleon wo the dsdt feature. I would guess the dsdt is conflicting with the CPU in some way or the motherboard or CPU is flakey. Any insights ?
  4. Gigabyte's Nvidia 9400 powered M-ATX MOBO

    Burzel, I was able to get a stable hackintosh without a installing to a drive from another PC and moving it. I was having trouble installing with any method or distro (except the iPC ) while I had more than 2 GB RAM, so beware. Make sure you have a GUID partition. If you have several such partitions then once you have a bootable OS X (even from safe mode) you can do what has been discussed here many times: 1) install OS X 10.5.5 (or 10.5.4) retail disk on another GUID partition 2) Run PC EFI v9 (Chameleon v1.0.12) 3) run the 10.5.6 combo update 4) fix the new setup with SMBIOSEnabler, genericCPUPowerManagement, dsmos and the DSDT.aml from this thread. 5) NVKush for video and the 2 AppleHDA kexts for sound I have done such a 'bootstrap' method with this board. No snowy crashes with only 2 gig Rams. I have really been testing it by copying large files and running high processing activities simultaneously , and I am thrilled. I have had a couple of freezes but I was installing a firewire audio card. What's up with the 400MB firewire speed? Do you geniuses using the unibody restore have a faster firewire?
  5. Gigabyte's Nvidia 9400 powered M-ATX MOBO

    I hadn't thought about the SATA drives (not IDE) showing with orange stripe and an eject icon, This makes it external, eh? Found some air kexts (called "10.5.6 kexts pack") on insanleymac , loaded JMicron,IOAHCIFamily and AppleSMBIOS and now they look internal. Wonder if it will effect stability?
  6. Gigabyte's Nvidia 9400 powered M-ATX MOBO

    Using the iPC distro 10.5.6/vanilla kernel 9.6.0, vanilla AppleSMBIOS, PCefi_v9, SMBIOSEnabler, genericCPUPowerManagement, dsmos and the DSDT.aml from this thead. A reinstall NVkush brings QE/QuartzGL. ALC889A_1056_fix.zip brings digital optical sound with DVI output. Shows Dolby Digital haven't seen dts yet. Still 100MB Lan. With high processing I sometimes get the snowing crash. What can I do next? RAM, Processing speed and Bus Speed show correct in profiler. I am also getting the Firewire error about 'defaulting to full secure'. Perhaps a different SMBIOS enabler, or is the secret only to found in the alu restore disk for this chipset? Processor: Q6600 OC'd at 3GHZ Ram: 8GB DDR2-800 Video: Nvidia Geforce 9400 Onboard Motherboard: GA-E7AUM-DS2h OS: Mac OS X 10.5.6 (9G55) Vanillia Kernel 9.6.0
  7. Gigabyte's Nvidia 9400 powered M-ATX MOBO

    No Sound, even with ACLinject/AppleHDA. No QE. Bummer.
  8. Gigabyte's Nvidia 9400 powered M-ATX MOBO

    Yes the iPC distro can be used. Kept everything vanilla, PCefi_v9, used SMBIOS efi choice, NVkush and the DSDT.aml from this thead. Boots fine. 1920x1080x60 graphics. QE says not supported. QuartzGL can be enabled. 100MB Lan . I am using the IDE for a drive and DVD because 2 of this boards 5 SATA are AHCI only (manual says chipset limitation) and with AHCI on 3 drives my SATA DVD would not work. Reboot hangsand I suspect shared memory headaches await but I am out of safe mode with this distro.
  9. Gigabyte's Nvidia 9400 powered M-ATX MOBO

    Synaesthesia, The 10.5.6 or Macbook/Pro 10.5.5 Restore disc won't work? I can boot in Safe Mode, I thought when 10.5.6 comes out (Maybe today, how's your Portugues? The Apple Seed Note for Build 9G52 has no known issues) I could run an update and cross my fingers. Boot -132 enables one to adjust kext's from, say, a USB drive. The makes it flexable to load OS X. JMicron does find the IDE drive and DVD. I wish I knew more.......
  10. Gigabyte's Nvidia 9400 powered M-ATX MOBO

    Stell, I know 10.5.6 will be out soon, but I am reminded of this: Moe: There it is! I bought it used from the Navy. This thing can flash-fry a buffalo in forty seconds. Homer: (whining) Forty seconds? But I want it now!
  11. Gigabyte's Nvidia 9400 powered M-ATX MOBO

    Sure enough turning on the AHCI and she found all the SATA drives. Tried different kernels but still only in safe mode though.
  12. Gigabyte's Nvidia 9400 powered M-ATX MOBO

    Signal64, Wow good job. I just got the board and using an IDE drive can get into safe mode 10.5.5. vanilla 9.2 kernel (iDeneb). Finds Quad processor, 8 gb ram. Can't wait for a 10.5.6 package to do the full EFI. For now what injectors would get this working? It seems to be hanging at the mDNSResponder(or maybe after). Tried Nait and it seems to find the IGP but non safe mode still hangs, AppleNforceATA won't find the SATA drives, but will try turning on AHCI after I'm sure vista won't freak out. Any ideas on MCP7A,Realtek 8211CL kexts, please?