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  1. I'm unable to test & validate what he said at this time, however the 8800GT & 9800GT both share the same GPU core, which is VERY similar to that used in the 9800GTX+/GTS250. You could pretty much consider them the same cards, the only differences being with the PCB design & power distribution. If he's resolved the issue with a 8800GT the same steps should fix it with a 9800GT too, and likely the newer variants as well. (Your 8600GT is based around a different core than the 8800GT/9800GT, and is not affected by this issue at all)
  2. 10.6.2 doesn't work with 8800GT EFI Strings

    It shouldn't erase anything at all, it won't be touching your /users/ folder Worst case scenario it still doesn't boot, and you boot off another drive to manually salvage your stuff, or try another method to fix it. This should work with either BIOS setting Good luck
  3. HDMI Issues 10.6.3

    Very interesting, will build some new boot sticks tonight, and will provide some feedback with my 9600GSO (G92 core) and 9800GT machines tomorrow
  4. 10.6.2 doesn't work with 8800GT EFI Strings

    You won't need to set the BIOS to boot off the USB stick, the copy of Chameleon still on your OSX drive will work to boot the lifehacker install stick "when I boot off of the stick will there be an option to fix the old drive/get my apps from it or something" Not specifically, no. First I would try Disk Utility & repair disk permissions, but reinstalling OSX on top of your existing OSX install should fix your kext issues
  5. 10.6.2 doesn't work with 8800GT EFI Strings

    If I understand you correctly sorta, depends what you mean by "the snow leopard disk" tho. A PC BIOS cannot boot the SL DVD directly, we usually use a boot-132 based boot CD and then swap in the SL installer DVD. Your BIOS must be set to the disc/drive containing the bootloader (Chameleon/PC-EFI/etc....) If you followed the Lifehacker guide you have a gigabyte EP45 based board, right? You should be able to find a SL bootCD, around here somewhere, generic would work but you should be able to find a EP45 one that should do, I saw a EP45-DS3L/UD3L one around recently that looked nice. Now... I'm assuming you still have a functional install of Chameleon/PC-EFI on your OSX drive? (drive selector at startup?) If so, you could re-do part of the lifehacker route & create a "SL install DVD" on a USB thumbdrive that your existing chameleon/PC-EFI is capable of booting and go from there
  6. 10.6.2 doesn't work with 8800GT EFI Strings

    hmmm... Keep in mind that what you've managed to break here is just your OSX installation itself, not the chameleon/PC-EFI bootloader. To fix it, you need to boot from the Snow Leopard installer Disc (or yes, recreate a thumbdrive-based installer drive) and reinstall from there. How you boot from that DVD or drive is up to you, there are many methods. I mean... in theory you could simply throw the drive from your hack into the real Mac or an external USB/firewire enclosure and work from there. If at all possible, that'd be the route I'd go, because it would allow you to make a backup of the core of your current OSX install onto a disc image on your real Mac's HD (carbon copy cloner does a great job) prior to making any changes in case you need it. If its an intel mac you could even do the OS reinstall on the real mac. Oh... word of warning, DO NOT ATTEMPT firewire target disk mode with a hackintosh, as the firewire controller will catch on fire/melt A quick google found me info that leads me to believe you could just simply "reinstall" Snow Leopard right onto the same drive without needing the migration assistant part, apparently SL no longer does "archive and install", and instead simply installs on top, putting the needed components where they go.
  7. 10.6.2 doesn't work with 8800GT EFI Strings

    You are screwed, just not totally. You will need to reinstall & repair permissions on those components. How you should fix it depends on your situation and what you've got handy If you've got a real mac or 2nd hack to work from its alot easier, and an extra hard drive would be handy if available alternately, you could go with a liveCD from a prepackaged distro (iPC or something) to boot the machine and work from there or... depending on your hardware you could try a custom-made BootCD for your particular motherboard (takes the place of the chameleon installed on your boot HD) and a fresh install of OSX on a 2nd drive to pull from Honestly it might be easiest to reinstall OSX and then use the migration assistant to transfer user data, apps, etc..... Personally I'd stick with 10.6.2 at the moment tho
  8. 10.6.3 Update + 9800GX2 = Black Screen!

    yeah, it certainly does seem that some actual macs running 10.6.3 are encountering this issue when hooked up via HDMI or when using displayport adapters, at the very least it visually appears to be the same issue. hopefully this means we get a fix from Apple eventually, but I'm still holding out for a fix from the community, after all Nvidia 8000 & 9000 series cards are pretty damn common around here
  9. HDMI Issues 10.6.3

    So.... are there any 8000 & 9000 Nvidia cards that are NOT affected by this issue? Thus far I've seen the problem reported with 8600GTs, 8800GTs, 9500GTs, 9600GTs, 9800GT/GTX/GTX+, GTS 250 & 9800GX2s. I've yet to test on my other 9600GSO based build, but I'd assume it has the same issue since it shares a core with the 8800/9800GT
  10. I was able to get the OS bootable for experimentation purposes by removing the "graphicsenabler=yes" or EFI strings in the boot.plist, but no luck actually *solving* the problem yet, just got it running with generic drivers & resolution Makes me wish I'd gotten around to time machine on this particular machine and could easily downgrade.... :/
  11. I too am having the same issue on one of my hacks, accidentally updated to 10.6.3 the other day without noticing it. Thus far I've fixed the several kernel panics with new .kexts, but am now stuck at the black screen on boot. Don't have a bootable macOS over here ATM so am unable to tweak with the bootloader settings until later (can't seem to modify chameleon partition in Win7)
  12. ouch. Yeah, there is a 'new' line of 9800GTs that have been tweaked & underclocked to run reliably on only the meager power available via the PCI-E slot. The power/performance ratio is impressive, but unless you compare a 1GB against a 512MB card the performance lost is obvious. Most vendors market them as 'green' or 'eco' cards, but apparently XFX didnt? :/ A free game can only = $ if you would have considered purchasing the game. My 9800GTX+ said Far Cry 2 was "A $40 value" but I disagree? besides, the EVGA I linked has 1GB of RAM and a non-reference cooler for just $10 more AR, or $15 more for the MSI card with one of the beefiest GPU heatpipe setups I've ever seen.
  13. Overclocking perhaps? some people want the extra overclocking headroom for easy +4 GHz overclocks on air sales? Microcenter has had the i5-650 as low as $120
  14. Did yours require an EFI string or were you successful with just graphicsenabler? While I don't have the GTS 250, I do have its identical brother the 9800GTX+ which I got bout 14 months back for $200ish
  15. Another thing to consider is the GTS 250/9800GTX+ which is right around the same price at the moment, and offers 10-20% better performance than a 9800GT depending on situation & RAM on the cards The prices seem to keep dropping, likely because its the most powerful card in Nvidia's current lineup still being manufactured until the GT400 (Fermi) based cards in 3-6 months, and Nvidia has to compete against ATI somehow I mean, here's a dual-DVI 1GB GTS 250 with beefy aftermarket-style heatpipe cooler for $115 after rebate http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...7-478-_-Product I've got a similar cooler on my MSI 9800GT and its very effective or a similar EVGA card for $5 less http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...0-538-_-Product From a compatibility standpoint they'll work with either graphicsenabler or EFI strings just like a 9800GT, as they're based around the same original GPU design. (You are slightly more likely to need a EFI string with a 9800GTX+/GTS250, but its still a crapshoot with either card)