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  1. Hey, I tried different methods. I always end up at the grey screen with cursor moving. before the installation should start. Any idea? Lion works flawless. Asus p5w dh.
  2. sleep works, when you disable usb legacy in bios but still problems with automatic sleep remain, there is an app "pleasesleep"
  3. you are the man!! I really feel an improovement sleep restart sleep shutdown works *in that exact order BIG thanks to YOU
  4. thank you man, i will try later, so do you recommend using the new 3001 bios? because i am back on 2504....
  5. hai there, did anybody install 10 6 2 yet? i did just now but i am scared to restart the machine....
  6. hey, its me again, i have an 8500gt 256 now with my 8800gts, got the hex out of 2 working plists... no luck, i get a kernel panic, my plist is attached n.plist.zip
  7. ok i just killed natit and this is what i get this one will work with the 8800gts right? http://cgi.ebay.de/MSI-NVIDIA-GeForce-NX-7...bayphotohosting
  8. well in single mode i get the ati to work perfect with ATI Radeon HD - 10.5.x - 10.5.5 kexts. no luck with both cards. and peach what are your bios settings for voltage in the jumpfreesection, you are using fsb 800 right?
  9. why dont you do the retail 132 install?
  10. pics, and by the way just updated to 10 5 6
  11. thanks for helping, i noticed that the pci info is wrong, this is the correct one for the ati PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x3,0x0)/Pci(0x0,0x0) i tried doing the plist myself but no luck...
  12. thank you, i totally forgot ati 256 nvidia 640
  13. cant get it to work, maybe you can have a look on my plist? plist.zip