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  1. I've been trying to get things working with a p5kpl-vm and it's definitely possible. It got most way through the install with kalyway 10.5.1, only locking up at what I presme was the stage last stage, where the bootloader was meant to be added. It refused to boot so I put another dvd I had in (ideneb 10.5.5), thinking I'd try that. That didn't want to play at first, so I started the cd boot thing with "mach_kernel rd=disk0s1 -v" and it magically booted into the previously installed 10.5.1. ?!?! Everything seemed to run ok at that point, except obviously having to start it from a cd which was loading god-knows-what bits of the os. So it definitely is possible! I'll update when i've actaully got it starting up propperly and I know what the hell\s going on ;-) I was using an Nvidia 7300GS card instead of the built in one btw.