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  1. Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

    Rest in peace, dear Steve... we always will be missing you..
  2. Snow Leopard Graphics Update 1.0

    No change at all, testing QE/CI performance
  3. I got Creative SB Live 5.1.. Many time it was disabled, I even switch to internal card (ADI 9221).. But now I'm happily listening to all power and quality of kX driver release, thank you so much!!!
  4. Hi, Kabyl Won't you patch my HP dc5700M's system BIOS? 7E2_0205.zip This is Hewlett-Packard's desktop, using BTX motherboard ASUS P5BW-BTX. Thanks, kabyl bolsun ishing
  5. ACHI/RAID @ BadAxe

    No, no, it's all not about using hardware RAID 0 in Mac OS X.. I just want to enable Macintosh system' SATA HD, working in BIOS RAID MODE.. I installed Leopard onto this Seagate SATA HD in AHCI mode, but I want in to be working in RAID mode, without pairing in any RAID arrays (neither 0 or 1)!
  6. ACHI/RAID @ BadAxe

    So, if that, couldn't you explain how I should add these IDs to kext? It's rather difficult for me, I had not never done it before..
  7. ACHI/RAID @ BadAxe

    Bonjour! Got such kind of problem, please help! When changing 80 Gb IDE Seagate to 160 Gb Seagate SATA for Leopard, I get the next uncompatibility: all my HDDs are connected to ICH7R's connectors, I don't want to use Marvell's additional SATA 4 ports, it's disabled in BIOS. When installing Leopard onto SATA, I set SATA mode to AHCI, so got successful install, with updates to 10.5.1 etc. But! I also got two SATA HDDs, striped into RAID0 array (using ICH&R chip), it uses to work in Windows. But for it I need to set RAID mode in BIOS, but this one has not 'seen' in Leopard. But there's a magic ich7rdude.pkg, which patches needed kext to work successfully with ICH7R's RAID mode. So: I ran this package file, but after reboot neither AHCI and RAID modes not seen in Leopard, we got 'Still waiting for root device'.. Any ideas, pals?
  8. Bonjour! I like Mac OS X sound so much, so here's question: I got Intel D975XBX-based Hackintosh computer system, so currently in works only as 2.0 (usung Taruga's Patcher 1.6 and appropriate 9221a.text file). But I'd like to have a full 5.1 mode, is it currently possible?
  9. Hi, pals! I got problema of the next kind: I successfully install the latest mucfuse & ntfs-3g from their google's site, all ntfs drives mount correctly, read-and-write - all 100%. But when I insert Video-DVD or try to mount some DMG-images (I guess - compressed) - they are not SEEN in system, and DMG mountainer talks about the standart error: "No mounting filesystems". I 100% sure that it's about ntfs-3g' consequence, but how can I repair this one? Or maybe I should write down only NTFS drives to be mounted into ntfs-3f.mount or what?? Help in solving, please!
  10. Intel Wireless driver

    Installed current release of Intel PROset/Wireless 3945a/b/g rev 482 from site, noo BSODs at strartup. but have no AP near to check driver. Here are some logs: dmesg.txt ioreg.txt system.txt Hope 945 to be working
  11. Hi all! There's a notebook (Samsung Q35) based on Intel Centrino Duo / Core Duo T2250. The official datasheet of this CPU says that this one has SSE3 capabilities, that is confirmed by Cpu-Z tool: But then in System Profiler (OS X 10.4.5) shown all except SSE3: That's the problema, any suggestions?
  12. About This Mac Screenshots

    Hi! There's my one:
  13. Web Application/Site Languages

    hmm... I usually used to use many langs, bt at current ytme these are: HTML 4.0 / CSS, JavaScript & DOM, PHP + mySQL + some Apache's special mods
  14. Hi, pals! I got a little prolblema: my RAID 0 array is NOT apperared at System Profiler... I got only two SATA disks, separately. Intel D975XBX - 2*80Gb SATA Seagte + 250Gb Seagate SATA Mac OS X 10.4.8 installed onto IDE Seagate 80 Gb hard. HDDs are connected to ICH7-R's SATA ports (not additional Marvel's chip), RAID array created thru Intel Matrix Storage tool. SATA is enabled afer applying a bikedude880.ich7r.pkg.zip kext patch (can be found at http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=43785). All hards have NTFS file system, so could it be a reason of these disks can not be initialized and mounted??? As you can see, I have two 80's ST380811AS, which are detected as two separate HDDs... but in windows there's only one RAID hard drive, with capacity 160Gb.
  15. I wanna move on Mac OS X from XP-platform... I collect software (web-design), but the only trouble is the screen's resoultion & refresh... so I'm looking forward for next Natit release with solved 512M problem