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  1. First off, games have come a long way, in fact Unreal 3 is scheduled for Mac release this month. I agree the iMac will do the job, but think about the laptop lines (and minis), I mean really, would it kill them to place a $50 GPU in some of these units? (portable or mini). None of these can play a game that uses 3D. The reason it kills me (I own a Macbook Pro LED) is that they (Apple) fear that the PRO user would buy the low end machine for Motion or 3D applications which is simply NO LONGER warranted. The PRO user makes up less than 1/5 of apples market share and if it wasn't for the iPod and iPhone, Apple would still be at 3%. Its frustrating that you can't buy a machine unless you spend $2000.00, that can either, play a game, or use motion. Really. I mean, if the market (Pro's) really made up the user base, I could see this being the case, but they/we/some of you don't make up the large portion of the user base and not many of the so called low end PC's use INTEL ON BOARD, you can get a decent laptop (albeit plastic) with a card strong enough to do graphics or games for much less than $1000.00. If anything, the market would increase as gamers, college students would buy these machines in droves - and don't get me started (LOL) about the Macbook Air, its price point and under powered/lack of features. I believe this product will not do very well in the long run and if they offer another price cut, expect some snafu. New macbook pro theorized to be out in a few days, or week.
  2. Look, I have apple products, and have used PC's for a while. Some apps (samplers) were PC only and are soon to be MAC I think but many drivers never came out for Vista. Now, I understand the core base for the "air" but there are others (Asus) that are 1/4 the price and what I don't understand (besides apple deleting threads) is how many can defend the price to performance issue and more importantly, which I have never, ever, ever seen addressed, is what is Apple afraid of? Meaning a sub $1000 Apple or Mini or Macbook with good graphics for games? PLLLLLLLLLLLEASE do not believe that the argument is APPLE is afraid of losing PROS to buying cheap computers for motion. So what if they do. The user base for motion and so on would increase and I am tired of these computers NOT being able to play games. Why can't we? Sure I can on my macbook pro but why, why, why not have a machine that you won't cringe if you lost that was $500+ or so? The user base is NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT, made up of us anymore. Its all mom and dads iPhones and iMacs.....NOT NOT NOT Pros....this would NOT affect APPLE's market share. Thoughts?
  3. Over in the discuss forum, many in the iMac section complain about freezing. It is due to the GPU overheating - it goes in tandem with the poster regarding the growth of apple could me lower quality products in the 8.1% thread (growth). I too have experienced this when the MBP gets too hot, also, in the store, if a lot of programs are running, it freezes. Regarding the hack, if the system gets to hot it simply shuts down. Just thought you should know. Some other known problems: • iPhones suddenly don't work (not bricks but legit phones - • NANO's, sound from one ear only • iPhone, volume suddenly gets very low.
  4. composer

    Apple unveils Logic Studio!

    Told you it was coming - - been getting the iPhone out, nano, next is new FCP probably around when leopard comes out. I'm stoked.
  5. iWORK is great, like a mini indesign and you can make all kinds of fantastic newsletters - much easier to use too!
  6. Bascially I am aware that if you drag the application software to trash it uninstalls however, this really isn't the case as I did this and when I went to install it again, there where locations that I never even heard of and got a message like such and such a file exists already, do you want to update or replace it which goes against the theory that Apple OS simple uninstalls all the software bits and pieces! So is there anything like "system restore" or COMPLETE un-installer for the mac? Thank you. PS. Does Apple OS phone home? Applications etc.
  7. I'm thinking about getting one of those pre-built mini boxes, I believe some have the intel express chipset and PCIexpress. My question is, I want dual display so what type of card is a ADD2 DVI card? In addition, should the GMA work fine if it's the express chipset INTEL 945? Thanksssssssssssss
  8. composer

    Darwin is dead.

    I by no means mean to bash, but smartest people? Perhaps! But a very small minority compared to windows x86 hackers. No offense, but they haven't even figured out how to create a decent driver for ATI or Nvidia to run the CARDS in their native modes. Again, no offense, but when comparing Darwin hackers, and OS hackers to PC hackers, they are probably out weighed by the 1 to 1000 if not more. Add this to the fact the MACBOOK just came out (I know, cheap GMA950) but pretty powerful none the less and I say apple is changing their tune. The only difference between the MACBOOK and PRO is FW800, Aluminum, larger LCD, and a few other things, hardly worth the price difference, however, done the road I think the PRO series will move to quad cores and memrons....while Vista is still on the shelves and the prices will drop and I think we'll see the move to the low end to better GPU.....then it will be worth the price. For now, I am not sure.
  9. Thank you! I have been waiting for more days for more reponses! Can this board be a mini form factor??? If not, besides looking for PCIexpress gpu slot (mini) what specs do I need to look at if building a small form factor? When you say resolution, will I get 1200x1024? Will I get dual display? Will final cut run on it? Motion? It looks like (including new RAM) the price would come out to be about the same as a mini but more powerful - - Thoughts and ideas? Thanks again!
  10. Perhaps I am mistaken? If you build a PC with INTEL chipset and GMA, will it be QE/OpenGL with 10.4.5 that;s floating around? In smaller terms, will final cut (which needs what's that thing called? QE enabled) run on a machine built from scratch? ?
  11. Well for one thing gaming is out with GMA, so I think that Apple loses a lot of sales for those looking at the mini to get their feet wet. 2nd, and I could be wrong, if you're using final cut of motion it needs strong GPU as such as the case with the G4 powerbook and iMAC. If the ibook, or even the mini would be usable for both gaming and iDVD or final cut express, logic express, etc, then all the better. Another thing is HD speed (on the mini and new forethcoming ibook) will it be upgradable to 7200RPM? Unlike the PC laptops, I wonder how hard it is to swap out the HD. Can the mini's be used for final cut? Perhaps, but not for gaming.
  12. As seen in this thread: http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=16740 You can tell, a mini would be great if it had good graphics, on the other hand, some argue get a iMAC, for what, the GPU? That hardly seems worth the price, I have several LCD's so why bother. So the question is, does one wait in hopes that good driver support comes out and one can build a system that trumphs or equals the G4/G5, or at least the dual core? Or does one give in and pay $800 for a LCD and ATI GPU? Will iBOOK solve this? Or will it go the way of the GMA! LOL! Thoughts?
  13. Anyone have a link to this release for tomorrow? Thanks!
  14. I have 4 HD's NTFS, and when I boot to mac it's on a seperate HD, you can move info from NTFS to mac HD, but not the other way around unless the HD is FAT32 formatted. However, is it safe to leave the NTFS HD attached? I would hate to use the MAC HD and then have it corrupt the NTFS drives when I go to switch to WIN HD's. Please advise. Thanks!
  15. Check out this link. http://www.anandtech.com/printarticle.aspx?i=2685 Although he says he would buy a intel mac towards his final comments, I remember reading somewhere someone tested a few older G4s vs newer G5 minis and the older seemed to run faster. Does this mean universal binary will speed up the programs? On one bench mark on the above link he turned off the dual core and the older G5 iMAC beat the newer iMAC, even with it turned on, the older beat it in some applications. peace to you while looking for advice.