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  1. ALC888 not working in iAtkos v7

    Oh man, you gotta do some research on that board. Two thirds of this forum is probably using them! USE GOOGLE!!!
  2. ALC888 fixed for D945GCNL

  3. ALC888 fixed for D945GCNL

    This AppleHDA kext is from 10.5.7. It is patched for the D945GCNL mobo. Software DSP is functional between IntSpeaker and Headphone! You will need a fixed DSDT file in order for it to work. You can use the DSDT i attached at the bottom of this post. It has many fixes, including _CST PStates! EDIT: Also just added 10.5.8 AppleHDA. This kext has sleep capability!! This 10.5.8 kext has full equalizer features for outstanding bass, mid range and treble. You are going to be very impressed with the functionality of this kext. It makes your audio card sound AMAZING!!! This kext is a good candidate for all ALC888 user's. All that is needed is your board pinconfig data and a good pathmap for SPDIF IN/OUT. These are error free kexts as well, which means no audio errors on boot. Your system will boot alot faster. (My system boots in about 7 seconds) The 10.5.7 kext was just a test to see if Software SPD was functional for ALC888. It is however it has limited capability on utilizing correct pin out and pin in spec's. If you use DSDT for booting purposes these kexts dont need any Legacy or HDEnabler kext. To bypass the need for those additional kexts is to add your layout id to applehdacontroller.kext, which is already done to these kexts. PinConfig for 10.5.7 is as follows: Rear Pink = Headphone Rear Blue = IntSpeaker Front Pink = LineIn PinConfig for 10.5.8 is as follows: Rear Pink = Microphone Rear Green = IntSpeaker Rear Blue = LineIn Front Green = Headphone Front Pink = LineOut ATTN: If someone has the know how to fix the pinconfig accordingly to the right colors please feel free to continue work on this kext. 10.5.8_AppleHDA.kext.zip AppleHDA.kext.zip dsdt.dsl.zip
  4. SMC Emulation in DSDT

    Over the past couple days I made some progress. ATM I have the smc interruptresource:init, where as before it would error out. I also have smcSMC(iokitResource):waiting......., but doesn't go any further and smchelper:(iokitResource)ERROR. It's progress, or at least a 3rd of the way there. Code is being injected by Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized) and a couple if statements and some returns.
  5. SMC Emulation in DSDT

    Well to have someone make an additional kext to work with, or work in place of a stock kext is along the lines of a patch. Getting OS X to run on an AMD machine is the true definition of a "patch"!!! However to prpoperly fill out a system description table so the operating system know's the configuration it is dealing with is not a patch. The EULA agreement is broken everytime you add something, alter or modify anything in the stock os. Adding the aml file is a patch, but flashing the bios with a more complete table of info is not a patch. It's why you pay so much for an apple computer, because a professional already did it for you, and are selling you their time and efforts with a great os attached to it! This thread is so crapped up with all this controversy lately I'm beginning to think it's not a matter of if it's possible or not. It's a matter of who wants it to happen...
  6. SMC Emulation in DSDT

    So is trolling around something you do on the regular?
  7. SMC Emulation in DSDT

    Read the decrypt.txt file in the OSx86_SourceCode folder and you will have the answer. Cheers
  8. SMC Emulation in DSDT

    Well.... For starters it will help further a vanilla setup. Why do we go thru all this trouble figuring out how to move things to a hidden efi partition in a gpt partitioned drive, load extra folders, use external mkexts, edit bootloaders with fake efi implementation, load dsdt file, etc? If we achieve this in dsdt, we can then hardcode it into bios images. A non apple mobo that can dongle itself to mac os x is enough motivation for me to want to get'er done! I can keep going but I think I made a valid point.
  9. SMC Emulation in DSDT

    I did not say it would be easy. However I'm not going to condemn the project by saying it can't be done... Anything is possible. By the way, if we aren't "exactly" "emulating" the smc device, what would the proper terminology be to use? I'm confused because you stated that you are "emulating" a smc device in your dsdt patcher thread. That's the thing about dsdt. I don't think it can react to change's on the fly. It's a file that is implemented during boot, kinda like an image of the computer, if you will, and has no interaction there after. So the battery status might be a challenge, however I know there is interaction with hardware as it loads because of else. I'm sure you can have it load things to memory addresses. EDIT: Memory is pluggable by adding custom data to dsdt under Scope (\_SB). You can add memx, keyx, oskx and assign memory values in memory slots that don't even exist. I did a test, my board supports 4gig, yet I have os x recognizing 8gig!!! This is cool... Let me see just what I can do here. The Linux dudes are dsdt gods!
  10. SMC Emulation in DSDT

    The smc code is recognized by the os, however when the os looks for the binaries to decrypt atsserver, loginwindow, finder, etc. The smc errors out with initialization errors. Basically, the os see's the supposed smc device but can't retrieve any data from it. @ coconup: if you have gotten far enough to have a battery meter show, maybe it can be as simple to edit the stock kext to read your battery status.
  11. SMC Emulation in DSDT

    The qemu patch is boot loader worthy. We can easily make applesmc emulation a part of Darwin. I am always trying to find the "better way"... Ya know? ~ES
  12. SMC Emulation in DSDT

    Is there a way to copy the bit keys into a specified memory address using dsdt? We buffer info for gma950, why not buffer bit keys so when osk0 & osk1 ask for the values, they are already there.
  13. SMC Emulation in DSDT

    Hi fassl So there isn't a way to emulate the smc in this manner? What other options do we have aside from using kexts? As per David Elliott OSK0 & OSK1 keys can be emulated via emulating the smc. I'm confused....
  14. SMC Emulation in DSDT

    Actually the only emulation we are trying to achieve would be the decryption of SMC. Once this is done we will no longer need dsmos or decrypt kext.
  15. SMC Emulation in DSDT

    Yeah, emulation of the smc chip is working, however we need to figure out a way to have the data keys and bit keys injected into memory where they need to be. As a side note, Device (SMC) should be inserted into the dsdt table before Device (DMAC) and after Device (LNKH). It is a possible task, we just need to figure out how it needs to be implemented in DSDT.