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  1. what MD5 hash is for patched iATKOS 1.0i to 1.0ir2?my is: 7C63EED3DFB5D17256FC5FD3A16EFED1
  2. thats all nice but you forget price difference
  3. your bios setup is ok... i have revision 1.0, see this for setup: if this dont work for you try ToH RC2
  4. Building a new hackintosh

    1) it is enough if you dont plan overclock 2) that is to mouch, for your configuration is enough brad name psu of 450W
  5. NVIDIA cards in LEO yet?

    7300GT work like a charm, with Leo-only_NVinject_0.1.3
  6. use this setup: sata port 0 => HDD sata port 1 => Dvd-rw set bios to AHCI mod and Native Sata.
  7. Will This USB Sound Card Work

    this usb sound card is cheap, and working out of the box http://www.speedlink.de/prod.php?lang=en&a...rod_num=SL-8850
  8. DirectX 10 PCI-E Video Cards

    HD2600XT/PRO, HD2900 GF8800
  9. Another HFS+ Error Thread

  10. GA-P35-DS4 and radeon 2600 XT

    use ChaOSX86 install dvd, and during instalation select Natit kext....
  11. [HOW TO] ATI Radeon HD2600 Series for Hackintosh

    if you wannt to have out of box suport for radeon HD2600 series, use this osx dvd: ChaOSX86, it is simple like that when you install osx just select Natit HD2600 kext
  12. [HOW TO] ATI Radeon HD2600 Series for Hackintosh

    i use 8.10.3 v4 kernel, radeon 2600 kext from imac update 1.1, and natit kext
  13. [HOW TO] ATI Radeon HD2600 Series for Hackintosh

    my is now successfully working
  14. GA-P35-DS4 and radeon 2600 XT

    my 2600XT successfully working now.... screen: