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  1. The 4870 isn't well supported for OpenCL, I've got a Mac Pro '06 and it performs almost the same as my CPU and most of the times it crashes. As Mitch had mentioned, we'd have to wait on the Apple ATI dev team to fix these problems. Now on the topic of FCS, none of the applications go out of the way to support OpenCL or GCD so don't expect any speed gains using these applications. Video encoding to GPUs is still in a relatively primitive stage, most encoders don't support two pass/ multi passing, motion prediction or much of the nice stuff that gets your video smooth. I believe this is why Apple released FCS before Snow Leopard, they couldn't reach a deadline with an acceptable OpenCL compliant encoder. Now if this is patched up for current users in months that would be fantastic but in my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt, is highly unlikely.
  2. OpenCL Benches: OLD

    Yeah, about 3/4 of the time I run the application I get bugs like Osssua does, not fun, but just gotta wait on those shiny new drivers. Also I tried the Matrix Transpose, here are the results: Mac-Pro:OpenCL Tranpose Bandwidhttest davidwong$ ./transpose Performing Matrix Transpose [256 x 4096]... Bandwidth Achieved = 3.160816 GB/sec Results Validated! 4870 1GB sapphire Mac Pro (1,1) 2.66Ghz 4GB RAM
  3. OpenCL Benches: OLD

    Okay, went into work and its displaying at 87fps in the blue ball grey background mode and 84fps in the texture mode. This is using a Radeon 4870 1GB (sapphire) Mac Pro (1,1) 2.66Ghz quad core 4GB RAM Seems that ARD really was limiting my fps to 60.
  4. OpenCL Benches: OLD

    I'm not on a TFT but its the 60/60 could be because I'm testing it via Apple Remote Desktop. When I got into work in two days I'll run it again, see if the results are different.
  5. OpenCL Benches: OLD

    That's fantastic news Mitch! It'll be great to have my 4870 on the 2006 Mac Pro working with OpenCL. I was wanting to learn some OpenCL stuff but since my hardware currently isn't compatible, until they fix the drivers, I'll hopefully only be a month or two behind. P.S. your link for the ATI Procedural Geometric Displacement FPS Bench isn't working properly. I compiled my own copy of it so here are my results: OpenCL Procedural Geometric Displacement Using 4870 1GB on Mac pro (1,1) 2.66Ghz 4GB RAM 60FPS White Background & Shadow 60FPS Texture & Background Running at 1024x768 I'm pretty happy with that since the drivers aren't complete for the 4870 yet.
  6. OpenCL Benches: OLD

    Hopefully they'll fix this, they did advertise that the 4870 would work with OpenCL but since applications, even ones compiled from Apple source crash they probably will fix this in the next major SL update. Hope the guy from the AMD division comes back with good news.
  7. OpenCL Benches: OLD

    Sadly this fails with the Radeon 4870. ATI really need to write a new driver for this stuff. Anyway, print off from my terminal: Creating Texture 800 x 800... ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Using active OpenGL context... ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Connecting to AMD Radeon HD 4870... ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Loading kernel source from file 'qjulia_kernel.cl'... Error: Failed to build program executable! Failed to setup compute kernel! Error 1