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  1. Is it just me that are experiencing that program are crashing alot in ideneb 10.5.7. I am running the modded Voodoo kernel and when I try to change something in the config for adium the program crash. When I was starting quicksilver it crashed before even starting, I just was the QS logo. does anyone have any info about this? thanks.
  2. Hi, I had Ideneb 10.5.5 and everything worked like a charm. Now I reinstalled everything and am running Indenb 10.5.7 and now my sound wont work at all. I installed the ALC889A codec for sound and the Kernel v 9.7.0 (not the vanilla one, the one that is from Voodoo) I saw a thread here about the problem, but I dont really know how to solve the problem and what kext I should have or how I should do. would someone please help me? thanks in advance. now working. I dl: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...st&id=49970 and it worked like a charm mod can lock the thread.
  3. I didn't find any seatbelt.kext file in the voodoo.dmg file in the link you posted earlier : <
  4. doh, I read the reply too quick, I went to the second link you sent (the one here at the forum) and did the procedure mentioned there. now I got another problem. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1113214 I'll just get going on the KextHelper and the seatbelt.kext from the voodoo kernel when I can actually start my computer again : P alright I got the computer to boot up now, still have the same problem as I've mentioned in the link before. So now I did open the *.dmg file, the voodoo one, and in that one I find a file named "System.kext" I downloaded "Kext Helper b7" and installed it, dropped the "System.kext" into the application and provided the root password. after a short while the application told me to reboot the computer, said and done. When the computer is up and running again I tried with the update of the patch again.. Still getting a kernel panic : <
  5. Getting back my hdd partition

    thanks, I'll try that, I just have to solve this problem first http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1113214
  6. I did all the above since I had problem with kernel panic when I was trying to mount a *.dmg file. when I did the reboot I typed in "reboot [-f]" and the system restarted.. however, when it was about to start up I got the following: System config gile ´/com.apple.boot.S/Library/Preferences/Systemconfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist´not found sooo.. now I cant start the system. How should I solve the problem? thanks in advance : ) hmm... I restarted the system now and got the option to chose boot options, and I chose -v and now all of a sudden it works.. strange.. well I hope it will work when I reboot as well : > I still get the error I was talking about before, but now I get the option to chose boot options and then it starts. How can I fix so that I dont have to chose boot options each time I restart the system?
  7. Getting back my hdd partition

    that blows : ( maybe I can run a linux cd and use fdisk there!?
  8. how do I boot with "cpus=1" ? The CPU is: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 / 3 GHz. need more info, I can get it. yeah it downloads the dmg file and when I am trying to mount the dmg it paniks. It have never happened before.
  9. Thanks for the Voodoo kernel. I installed it and tried to run wow and update to the newest version, then I got a kernel panic again.. see pictures below.
  10. sweet, looks like it's working, I've installed classic and tbc from the disks (the installer crashed e couple of times, but I think that's because of the cd's), and wotlk from an image. Right now I am downloading the updates. Hopefully everything will work as a charm. Thanks ALOT for the help, my guildies have missed their Warlock CL ^^, Everything went fine until I was downloading patch 3.0.3 -> 3.0.8. then I just get the gray screen and it's telling me to reboot, I manually downloaded the file from blizzard's forum to install, but the same thing happened then. Have you had any problem updating to a new patch? Cheers
  11. Hi, I have 2 partitions on 1hdd, the first one is for OSX, the second one was to install Windows, but since I didn't get that to work I wanted to get the two partitions to merge. But is it just to go to "disk utility" and chose "partitions" on the hdd and chose "1 partition" and it's done, or will it try to erase information on the hdd? (I only have information on one of the two partitions) thanks in advance Rich
  12. Hi, I have tried to download the mac os installer from blizzards webpage and tried to install from the original CDs. but when I click on the install file, nothing happens. I have installed parallels and the windows files works like a charm, unfortunately the game don't run as good : < does anyone here have experiences with installing World of Warcraft on ideneb 10.5.5?
  13. Hi, I have installed OSx86 (ideneb 10.5.5) and I have reserved a partition for Windows XP, I was wondering HOW I can create a dual boot so that I can run Windows XP too. I haven't tried bootcamp yet, since they want me to upgrade to the newest firmware, and I don't wanna screw up the OSx installation. is there anyway I can install bootcamp and be safe or any other way I can install Windows as well as OsX and make it work when I boot the computer.