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  1. 17" Technical Issues?

    I have the same question. Anyone have any input?
  2. End The Whine Day - May 20th

    I'm hearing a lot about the whine and such, but does this also apply to the new 17 inchers? Looking into getting one, but I want to make sure it doesn't have these problems!
  3. DVD or CD install?

    I believe there is, however I don't know where a good guide for that would be.
  4. My Quest: Part 3

    Also: My Windows partition is D:/ and I had originally had my boot.ini pointing to D:\chain0, then I checked the FAQ and it should be pointing to C:\chain0...after I changed this it still unfortunately does not work. EDIT: I had an epiphany and thought since I have a C drive (my Dell diagnositics drive) I'd put the chain0 file in there, but that gave me a blinking cursor when I tried to load it. No error this time, but I still cant get in... EDIT2: I have seen numerous posts that say that if OSX is on your third partition, it will not work. So, I'm starting again and putting XP on the third partition and OSX on the second. Hopefully this will work; if it does, then I may write a long, detailed guide on how to set up XP/OSX from a formatted HDD.
  5. can someoe tell me?

    The norm is 8-10GB of free space on the partition for OSX. I however installed OSX and filled it up in a heartbeat so now I'm trying it again and giving it half (60GB) of my harddrive for music, videos, and other such things.
  6. My Quest: Part 3

    Alright, this would be my third thread in my epic saga to get both Windows and OSX working. It's a fun learning process, that's for sure. Alright. My current problem is: I started by reformatting, starting on a clean slate. Then, I broke my HDD into 2 partitions (there is a third that is there for Dell Diagnostics materials), on the first I installed Windows. Next, I moved chain0 to the HD and edited boot.ini. After that, I installed OSX on the other partition. It then proceeded to boot OSX each time I tried to start the computer, so I reinstalled XP over the old XP installation in the first partition. This worked fine, I got back into Windows and all, and then I restarted my computer. I got the bootscreen (Yes! One step closer!) and clicked on Windows, and that worked nice n' dandy. Unfortunately, when I restarted my computer and clicked Mac OS X, I got an error saying that HAL.DLL was missing, and that I needed to reinstall that file. And here I am, confused as I try to read all the other posts regarding this .dll. So, I come back to the smart ones who know how to fix it. To let you know, I am installing XP and OSX v.10.4.3. Also, I will list my tries at fixing it before I came here... a.) Using fdisk to change the active partition to OSX. Unfortunately I load fdisk, and it only sees 2 partitions, one massive one that is both the MacOSX and the XP partitions combined, and the one for Dell Diagnostics. This got me nowhere. b.) I used the XP disk to try repairing and using "fixboot" and "fixmbr". This was to no avail; the two commands did nothing to fix it. c.) (I honestly don't know how this one would help, but I tried it anyway) I read that I should set the active disk to Windows through the Startup Disk in the OSX setup. I looked there, but it didn't recognize any XP OSs on the system (but it does recognize OSX on my system, even though I can't get into that one, but can get into Windows just fine. Does anyone have some helpful hints? Thanks.
  7. Can't boot OSX86

    I'm reviving an old thread here, but I'm having the same issue and I have questions. A.) DD means? B.) Does this work?
  8. Missing Operating System Error

    If you say that 10.4.3 is the best, I'll stick with it. Thanks for the advice. BTW is an acronym for "By the way", which offsets another, usually unrelated sentence. For example, if I were talking about computers and said "BTW, your signature is cool." It would mean "By the way, your signature is cool," as a sidenote. Two other things: I assume you edited your post, so when you do that, use "EDIT:" or something like that, also remember that when you ask what something means in Spanish you use "¿qué significa..." literally meaning "what means", but it does not translate directly. To ask "qué significa..." in English, say "What does ___ mean?". So instead of "POST: what means btw" say "EDIT: What does btw mean?" Do you use MSN?
  9. Missing Operating System Error

    I am have OSX 10.4.3, but I am beginning to realize there are a lot of other more recent versions; 10.4.4 and 10.4.5...just starting to hear about a 10.4.6 too. Are the changes significant? If they are then I'll invest a day into aquiring it, but if the changes aren't big I'd rather just stay with 10.4.3. What do you think?
  10. what do you do with a .bin file?

    I'm not sure about .bin files but usually WinAce is the best program for extracting things, IMO.
  11. I am going to reformat my computer, then start this process from scratch; is there a manual for how to go about doing this from, basically, square one? I would like to (before I install Windows and such) split my harddrive into three partitions, one required for Dell Diagnostics materials that I want to keep, one for XP, and one for OSX, then install both of the OSs on their own partitions and then create a dualboot for them. I'm pretty sure a guide is out there, I just figured I could get a recommendations and links from you guys since you all know so very much about this process. Thanks guys.
  12. Missing Operating System Error

    Awesome! I installed Windows to a folder called Windows2 and it found the original partition and I didn't have to rename any folders. Right now I am backing up ALL of my files and then I will try to get onto OSX again. If that still doesn't work, then I will reformat and try to do the process starting from a clean slate. Thanks so much guys. I hope OSX works! (I'll find out in a few hours after I'm done backing up all my files on my external HD) EDIT: Nope, OSX still doesn't work. I think I'm going to do a full wipe this weekend if someone can point me in the direction of a guide that shows how to make the 2 partitions, install both operating systems, and create a dualboot. I'm hoping there are guides out there like this, since I think this will be the most effective way to install OSX and XP on the same system, especially because now I know how much space I would like each drive to have as well as what programs I want each to run, what type of format my partitions should be in, etc. Thanks to all of you who helped me; without you all, I would have lost all my files. Thanks!!!
  13. Missing Operating System Error

    Bueno, he visto esta manera de solucionarlo, y se me olvidó. (¡Me divertí mucho que peudo hablar contigo en español!) What's weird though is that it gives me the NTLDR error when I try to start the OSX partition, it doesn't quite make sense... A few corrections (to help your English out): En vez de "Try other task" en el trecera párrafo, usa "Try another meathod" o "Try a different meathod"...It's true that it is a task, but it's another meathod (or "way") that the person can go about solving the problem. Also, remember (last sentence) singular nouns ("task") usually have verbs with an -s ending (restores). Your English is great, but since you help other people so much (or so it seems ) it's good to get a pointer now and again!
  14. Strange Keyboard and Mouse

    I have seen quite a few laptop keyboard issues, and I'm not so sure anyone has found a good fix for it, really. It might just be something that's not for laptops...or perhaps we need to just go and buy a Mac...no, never! Fight the power!
  15. Missing Operating System Error

    Yes, I can see my Windows parition inside OSX when OSX loads, however now I'm getting the "Error Loading OS" when I try to load XP and the NTLDR error when I try to load OSX, which is rather odd since I believe OSX doesn't have NTLDR! Perhaps I'm wrong, but... Also, I'm not sure about FAT or NTFS, I believe NTFS but how do I check? (Also, just so I can learn a thing or two, what does FAT and NTFS stand for/whats the layman's terms difference?)