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  1. Heya everyone ! I used this bootdisk guide and installed fully retail snow leo on Asus P5Q-PRO CPU Q9550 4GB Ram 667mhz Asus Nvidia GeForce GTX260 TOP installed with GIUD partion ! After install i installed the kexts from your package, and everything works like a charm. But now i want to install a bootloader so i dont have to use the disk everytime. When i try to install the chameleon 2 like the guide says, i get install failed everytime. And ive tried to install VM Ware fusion for intel macs, but i got a weird error saying this program only works on Intel Macs not Power PCs.... So my snow leo thinks my computer is a Power PC, is that the problem ? When i look in "About this Mac" it says computer is Model Name Mac Pro Model Indentifier MacPro2,1 I then made a full timemachine backup wich works perfectly also. Tried to install the Cham 2.0 RC3 package i found here on InsanelyMac but when i boot on my hdd i get this error: boot0: boot0: boot0: error Any ideas anyone ?
  2. Maybe a dumb question, will it work out "of the box" if i go and buy the a real copy of SnowLeo ? Will it install on this setup (i have modded my bios to osx) Asus P5Q-Pro quadcore Geforce GTX260 ?