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  1. hey guys, i always seem to get this random error: Can't find custom! my setup is exactly as the person who has written the guide. anyone encountered this error? Thanks
  2. [How To] Install Mac on a Vaio SZ7

    no sorry to burst your bubble, but it is not possible, at least for now. many have tried before, including myself and have not succeeded. I hope that someday we might get lucky!
  3. [How To] Install Mac on a Vaio SZ7

    I have dualboot between win7 and leopard. If I boot into win7, load the camera app and restart directly into leopard, the camera gets noticed natively! I even played around with photo booth a bit! funny story.. also I cannot seem to get my battery to work properly. Is there a method installing it in a way that the internal keyboard and trackpad do not stop working if I disconnect the AC power cable?? THanks
  4. [How To] Install Mac on a Vaio SZ7

    Yeah! Thanks so much, I was really happy that so many people showed interest in Leopard on a Vaio. We still need drivers for - Fingerprint Scanner -.- not really - camera <- that would be sweet because then we could use photo booth - wifi <- that one is important - scrolling! yeah I used the search function, but I haven't found anything on Windows 7 yet. i am sure it will be easy when I get to it though... one more question: how do you patch the DSDT? I have downloaded the GUI Patcher..not even fetching and decompiling works.. thanks anyways everyone!!
  5. [How To] Install Mac on a Vaio SZ7

    alright I installed it the new V7 on my sz7, it is not to difficult to do. the only packages I would advise you to select are the first Trackpad Driver, the Intel X3100. the sound is selected by default so leave it. however do NOT select the battery manager, because this will crash your system. now I have several issues to deal with: first of all my camera doesn't work, i don't have any drivers, but it would be cool if someone gave my instructions on how to fix it. most important of all, my headphone jack doesn't work which is annoying! two-finger scrolling? the battery indicator. did anyone have success? apart from the issues above I am overall quite pleased with the performance of the system. It runs smooth and is really good to work with. off topic: before I installed it, I had a dual boot between xp and windows 7. I decided it would be cool to have mac and windows 7 on the same machine. I used disk util to clear my XP hard drive partition and then installed mac on top of it. My boot loader is Chameleon 2 and W7 is recognized, but it simply wont boot because it gives me the error message: NTLDR is missing!! what did I do wrong. Is there some way to fix this MBR issue? Thanks guys mm
  6. [How To] Install Mac on a Vaio SZ7

    This is getting more interesting. I have decided not sticking with leopard any more as it gave me strange fdisk errors, which were pretty awful as I had to reset my whole MBR. This occurred several times, but only after the computer hung up and I had to manually switch it off. Simply ran too unstable... how is the 10.5.7? I am thinking of giving it another shot. another important issue however was the sound, which was distorted and had some issues. did it change? thanks guys
  7. DX58SO and ALC889

    is there seriously no one out there that has managed to do this? i have tried everything, and it seems to be a common problem. sorry i didn't reply to any pm , because i was on holiday..... thanks anyways mm
  8. hey tmongkol, no i couldn't get a codecdump as i have absolutely no experience with linux... if there is a simple/different way on how to do it.. i am open for any suggestions. also if there is anyone out there with a the same mobo.. plzz thanks mm
  9. DX58SO and ALC889 "8-Channel (7.1) Audio Subsystem The 8-channel (7.1) audio subsystem includes the following: • Intel 82801IJR (ICH10R) • Realtek ALC889 audio codec • Microphone input that supports a single dynamic, condenser, or electret microphone" (Intel Page) ^^ is this configuration the same as the drivers posted? or if anyone has the same mobo could u please post those drivers? thanks soo much mm
  10. DX58SO and ALC889

    hey, thank you very much! unfortunatly i was on holiday and did not have the time to try this out. until now. everytime i install it my screen resolution changes and there is still no audio. is there a solution yet? thanks mm
  11. why did you guys return the intel x58 board? i couldnt follow the whole thread as it simply is too long ... i got the DX58SO intel and everything works fine with kaly 10.5.3 except the sound.. even got 8 different graphs showing up on activity monitor the sound is ICH10 with Realtek ALC889 and i simply cannot get it working is there anyone out there who could help me? thanks mm
  12. DX58SO and ALC889

    "8-Channel (7.1) Audio Subsystem The 8-channel (7.1) audio subsystem includes the following: • Intel 82801IJR (ICH10R) • Realtek ALC889 audio codec • Microphone input that supports a single dynamic, condenser, or electret microphone" (Intel Page) I have tried several drivers and everytime i faild. if there is anyone out there who has the same mobo could you please give me your kext or other instructions to get this working? thank you mm
  13. Intel HDA Audio Codec STA9274D

    i am using the new intel motherboard dx58so and it says that it has the same audio device as BadAxe, so i thought i would give it a try. unfortunatly none of the kext/HdaEnabler/patcher worked. has anyone got a solution for that/ has the same mother board? thanks mm
  14. Sony Vaio VGN-SZ780 Installer: Worked like a charm Reboot: Loss of my internal keyboard and trackpad -> Connected External usb mouse and keyboard. battery meter showing up fine. even detects ac could u please fix the problem with the OS/2 devices? thanks a bunch mm