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  1. NVMeP

    OS X booting isn't possible with or without this Kext?
  2. QE_CI Exotic Patch

    Hello nyolc8 I tried your patched Kexts in a MacPro2,1 with MacOS 10.11.3, SIP disabled, installed the Kexts with Kext Wizard. Unfortunately i have no QC/CE with my HD4890 patched with EFI-ROM. Do you have a suggestion for me? Thanks Andi Please send a email to a.buhlinger@vtxmail.ch
  3. Thank you very much for your great work!!! It's a really great Tool... Do you think you will go further to El Capitan?
  4. Hello Digital_Dreamer Today i'd like to install Bootloader on a AppleRAID with your gray script and saw this: v7.1 by digital_dreamer || ============================================================================ NON-SUPPORTED OS VERSION! This script will only run on Snow Leopard, Lion or Mountain Lion OS! So i'm very happy that you spend your time in writing a new Version for Mavricks... Thanks a lot!!! It's a great work... Greetings from Switzerland Andi
  5. You have SL up and running on your Acer A0751H ???? How you get it work? I've tried several ways to get it up - but no success. Can you post the Kext's and the dsdt.aml? I've tried installation on a iMac 27", unfortunately i could not build a dsdt.aml under Windows, the only DSDT-Tool for Windows i've found, does not support the Bios of the A0751H. So i think my bigest problem is to get a patched dsdt.aml. Thanks for your help... Greez Andi
  6. Hello DJ Spike I have also the same Board & CPU - all runs very well except Sound. Would you please give me your patched Apple HDA.kext I use passive watercooling from Zalman RESERATOR 1 V2. Unfortunately i can't go over 3.5 Ghz. I think you made several special entrys in Bios to get 4.0 Ghz stable. Are you that nice to give me the settings to get 4.0 Ghz? Thanks Andi a.buhlinger@vtxmail.ch
  7. Hello kjellamund 10.6 on Gigabyte sound very interesting. I'm setting up my new Hackintosh at the moment and i like to do the same like you. My Hardware is: Gigabyte GA-EP45-Extreme, Intel Core2Quad Extreme QX9650, nVidia 9800 GT - 1 GB DDR3, 2 x WesternDigital VelociRaptor 300 GB, passive Watercooling for Chipset, Graka, CPU I don't unterstand your HowTo completely - let me tell it in my words and please help if i make mistakes: 1. On a real Mac i install 10.6 on new Drive - let me call it "10.6 Drive" 2. On the real Mac also, i install Cameleon on my "10.6 Drive" 3. <Copy boot file to your snow leopard volume> Here i have 1. problem - witch boot file? Frome where? From the 10.6 Install DVD? 4. <Replace Extra folder to your snow leopard volume> From where? When i installed Cameleon on the real Mac to my "10.6 Drive" - the Extra Folder is still on the 10.6 Drive...???? 5. <Edit your com.apple.Boot.plist> you mean also the apple.Boot.plist on my "10.6 Drive"? I have to put the UUID of my "10.6 Drive" to the "com.apple.Boot.plist" witch is located also on my "10.6 Drive"? 6. Edit EFI stings for my Graka 7. Go into extra folder, extension, show packages of "PlatformUUID.kext", then contents/info.plist > edit your info.plist file (to the UUID of my Boot-Drive "10.6 Drive") >>> i don't understand this: to the same UUID like post nor 4 over here.. 8. Then i move the "10.6 Drive" from the real Mac to the Gigabyte-Hackintosh and boot with -x 9. after this boot your system, then run Kext Utility in your folder Fix Permission! Thanks for make me shure that i unterstand the procedure correct... Greez Andi