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  1. Awesome, that got it! Thanks for the help. I'm attaching the drivers I used to initially force the AHCI drivers on the controller in XP in case anyone else was having trouble finding them. Now just need to setup PowerDVD for HD-DVDs and BluRays... f6flpy3286.zip
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. From post 4 I was able to successfully update my device drivers with no problems using the zip file (the updated 2680 drivers). I think my issue seems to be that I don't have the 2681 drivers on my system? When I go to update the drivers and uncheck on the show only compatible hardware box, I still cannot find the 2681 drivers. I was under the impression that the installer package that won't open is what installed these drivers for me so that I could select them. Should they be on my XP system already? If so, any suggestions on how to find them? It's XP Pro 32 bit, and I did install and update the boot camp drivers to the latest version (hopefully that is not a problem). As far as grub, basically I performed a normal install of it with Ubuntu and it resides on my linux root partition at /boot/grub. After the normal install, when it was up and running and would boot linux or Windows properly from the grub prompt, I backed up and replaced the stage1 and stage2 files with those that you provided. Everything will still boot correctly, and I imagine I am in AHCI mode for Windows, though the installer package still won't open, nor can I locate the 2681 drivers...
  3. When I try to install these drivers in XP I get an error saying: This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software. Setup will exit. Anyone solve this, or know why I would have this issue? I have an early 2008 Mac Pro and can boot XP direct or through grub, but cant find the proper AHCI drivers.