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  1. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Thanks very much, love them! Had to make my own but they look similar enough, for microsoft office apps (word, excel, powerpoint) and using custom icons with iCal never really works due to the date thing being put over the icon. But other than that, brilliant, thanks!
  2. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Love the icons, do you have a link at all? Or are they 'home made'. I've tried this before, but could never seem to be able to replace all of the icons, either due to a lack of icons (which can be fixed so long as there is a PS template) or just some don't seem to want to change... any tips?
  3. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Hey, awesome wallpaper - have you got a link to share? Thanks!
  4. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Just curious, what internet browser/download manager are you using? Or rather, what is the icon 2 along from the finder icon in the dock? I'm assuming it is internet/download related lol And is it Growl that is being used to notify you when a download is finished?
  5. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Wow, beautiful wallpaper, can you share? I checked the link in the comments but the file wasn't there... =[
  6. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Wallpaper please =]
  7. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Didnt crash for me - just took a while to load everything. (Slow internet connection as of late)
  8. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    The very first post in that topic will have what you want. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=117568 Then to get the menu bar icons white, this post: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=835141 In order to have a white date and time you will need to use iStat Menus. A google search will bring that up pretty easily for you. The reason is, you can't change the colour of the mac date/time in the menu bar, but you can completely customise the iStat Menus one. You then need to modify the SArtFile.bin that came in the download in the Apple Red folder. According to this page (which is really handy to bookmark): http://macthemes2.net/wiki/SArtFile.bin ... you need to edit image 061 and 062. In order to open up SArtFile.bin go here and follow the instructions: http://macthemes2.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=16785767 You will then need to replace the 061 and 062 images with the image you want for the apple menu bar normal and when selected. I'm not gonna do it for you, its much more fun if you do it yourself =] Trust me. You'll learn a lot about how to do it in future if you give it a go yourself as well. Before you start... PLEASE BACKUP! That is all. Edit: Im not too sure myself which image you're referring too... You said the white image, and they are both black and white. Top or bottom would help distinguish, and I might give it a go.
  9. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Thanks, 'preciate the icons =] Im using vienna at the moment and love it, so easy to use.
  10. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Cabron, nice wall =] Also, which RSS program are you using? Just asking cos I see a lot of people with that icon in the dock and I wondered if it was a particular app, or just the RSS icon put onto something else. Cheers.
  11. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Sorry if this is a very noobish question hehe, but how do you change the font/size of the the menu bar? Thanks, its the one thing I want to change but can't!
  12. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    A link to this amazing picture, please?!
  13. I had to check the apple store to make sure this was a joke. haha
  14. Songsmith by microsoft

    Shes really loud. Is there not a volume control in songsmith
  15. OS X Annoyances

    Everyone who is complaining, from what I see, is picking up on stuff that is different from windows and using it as a 'flaw' Firstly, on windows, is the start menu not 'forced' upon you? lol And also, if you so desire, click and drag the applications folder to the dock, then you will be able to use it as a menu. Hell, you could even stop magnification, drag all other icons out of the dock and align it on the left hand side... Then your application 'menu' can be exactly where the start button is on windows. If you love the windows way so much, and can't cope with trying something new and adjusting, just go and use windows, and stop bitching just because something is different for you =]