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    Dual Band Wireless-N PCI/PCI-express 1x

    I'd recommend getting a mini pcie to pcie adapter and then get a mac mini pcie wifi card, it's easiest way to get it working to 5ghz. that's what I'm using now. I got the mac pro wireless mini pcie 2 antennae version with an adapter I got from eBay, flawless
  2. you need to look for a program called hcitray. it converts the USB blutooth from hid to hci mode. google it.
  3. so is anyone in contact with phantom8? anyone know how to disable the second pcie graphics card? he seems to have done it but i can't find it documented anywhere. help please? cheers
  4. on a separate note, anyone having the finder 10810 error? I seem to have it randomly. apparently it afflicts real macs too and I've tried evrything. it occurs randomly, back to normal on reboot. the problem is finder can't be relaunched. I've rebuilt launch services but no luck.
  5. did you include the boot-uuid in the boot plist? 10.6.2 needs that I think. otherwise you might get the waiting for root message.
  6. marc5

    SnowLeo and crossfire

    yup, I got 2x4890 working in crossfire. well it's not really crossfire, the gfx cards are connected but snow leopard doesn't know that. the other card isn't working either, but the computer boots fine. I use crossfire in windows only.
  7. Well Don, I had some luck with dual ati 4890. its a bit of a workaround though. firstly, it won't work perfectly, i must warn you first. have a look at this site. http://netkas.org/?p=284 that site describes how to get one card to work. for me to get 2 cards working i had to change graphics enabler to no and boot with -f try it and see how far it goes, i've been trying to find a way to disable the card in the pci slot so i won't have any issues but no luck so far. wonder how the real mac pros do it. hi tweak41, i also realised my firewire drive didn't work. at first i thought it was just me, so i used the usb. its an oxford chipset firewire, works fine with my macbook pro. however, it boots after wake from sleep. odd.
  8. hi don, use the 10.6 bootloader, however, the bz2 is a zip file, you need to unzip it first. try that and see how that goes, oh and make sure to boot with -v
  9. hi phantom8, so how exactly did you disable the secondary graphics card? marc5
  10. Thanks for that... that was my next course of action, fiddling with the boot file but you are spot on, i do have 2 identical 4890's. I also read about the posts you suggested. it seems the x2000 kext is the limiting factor. well see when 10.6.3 comes out. my alternative solution is to now figure out how to disable it at the bootloader stage, i don't really need it for osx just i got dual dvi and only 2 monitors anyway. heres a thread on how they did it. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=183349 the other card is primarily for crossfire in windows. marc5 edit:: Ok, well, i kept at it and oddly enough, its working. i promise this will be my last post regarding my ati 4890 issues. I used bchemist's dsdt file without the dual radeon additions. it works only if i booted with -f flag and graphics enabler=no. takes alot longer maybe up to 1 minute. with 1 card and graphics enabler, it boots in like 15 secs. so i looked around and i found that because i booted with -f i need to do this, sudo kextcache -v 1 -t -m /System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup/Extensions.mkext /System/Library/Extensions so voila, longer boot but the fans are quiet, osx works, crossfire in windows works. dunno about sleep yet. will try shortly. ok thats it. i'll start posting in the ati forums from now on regarding the 4890.
  11. hi bchemist, Thanks for the dsdt. I just tried it, and its odd. with 2 cards in place, nothing happens, or rather, it was like before, ie 2nd card not detected, fan on max. tried all the bootloaders i can get my hands on. heres the odd part, just for kicks, i inserted my gts250 in the other slot. it gets detected but as a 4890 but i think thats partly to do with the dsdt. so i thought it was other 4890 that was faulty but i swapped places and its all good. Thanks for your help anyway, much appreciated. maybe 10.6.2 isn't ready for dual ati cards. marc
  12. thanks bchemist. I disconnected the crossfire ties. the framebuffer is motmot VRAM 1gb. tried messing with the dsdt myself but I got lost. I did suspect that I could do a dsdt fix but my lack of knowledge kinda got in the way.
  13. Got a small problem guys, i recently got 2x 4890 ati cards. Works wonderfully in windows however in 10.6.2 the other card isn't recognised and the fan of the second one is on 100% all the time. The first card works with dual dvi working. heres a sample of the -v on boot ATI VGA Controller [1002:9460] : : PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x3,0x0)/Pci(0x0,0x0) old pci command - 7 boot display - 1 Not going to use bios image file Found bios image file adding binimage to card 9460 from legacy space with size f000 ATI VGA Controller [1002:9460] : : PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x7,0x0)/Pci(0x0,0x0) old pci command - 0 new pci command - 6 boot display - 0 found bios image wrong pci header signature ffffffff after that the fan of the second card goes on full. They system doesn't recognise it even in system profiller but in windows, crossfire works so any idea what is with the wrong pci header signature ffffffff ?
  14. marc5

    ATI 4890 Snow Leopard 10.6.1 10.6.2 Information Thread

    got both dvi on mine working. can't verify if it's dual link coz monitor only supports 1920x1200. just can't get both ati cards working.