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  1. if your machine has a BIOS boot menu (e.g. hit f12 to pick which HD to boot off of), two hard drives works very well. procedure: install os x on drive 1 remove drive 1 install vista on drive 2 reconnect drive 1 but this only works well if you have a BIOS that has a boot menu
  2. Little Help w/ Determining Sound Card

    Post the output of an 'lsipci' (that command will tell you)
  3. I haven't tried this with Windows 7, but I'm doing something similar with Windows Vista: * Install OS X on Drive 1 w/GUID partition and PC-EFI * Remove SATA connection to Drive 1 * Install Vista on Drive 2 * Re-connect Drive 1 * Use BIOS boot menu to select HD to boot (on my mobo you had f12 at POST screen) Works perfect, they don't intererfere with each other - VMWare Fusion recognizes the Vista "partition"/drive as "Boot Camp" and can boot it just fine.
  4. The official m-audio drivers are PPC only, *not* Intel. There's a gentleman who has written some Intel drivers -- there's a thread on here (his name is 'sounddriverwriter' I think) and his webpage is: http://www.audio-evolution.com/drivers/ I use the Revolution 7.1 drivers he wrote with no problems.
  5. More props to the Envy24 driver writer - through a Revolution 7.1 in my Gigabyte box tonight and it works perfectly in OS X and Vista. The onboard sound on my Gigabyte worked fine, but it was noisy and tinny (even in Vista) -- forget that. thanks man! i like the evolution 7.1, picked one up for $60 off craigslist locally
  6. Hackitosh Vs. Macintosh

    I have two purpose-built Hackintoshes, that cost me bundles less than anything similar would from Apple. I sold a 24" iMac for $1300, and for that price I built a gaming rig with *better* specs, a video card I can upgrade, and a 2" upgrade in monitor size. Everything works perfect - it dual-boots OS X and Vista just as easily as a real Mac Pro would. It even sleeps/suspends like normal. I can add a GHz (or more) of processor speed with a bus speed upgrade for cheap when I feel like it, or even go quad-core. I use this machine for 50% "work" (OS X w/Windows and/or Linux in VMWare Fusion) and 50% games (Windows). You can't upgrade at that granularity based on your needs with a Mac Pro, let alone do it for so cheap! I built a Hackintosh file server w/4TB of usable storage in RAID-5 (with a hot spare standing by!) and put OS X on it (because I just don't want to mess with netatalk, etc.. I like back to my mac, mobileme, etc on ALL my computers) for about $1800. You can't even touch a Mac Pro, let alone an XServe, for $1800! I use it as a media box too - it has a USB IR receiver and I just use Front Row to watch computer-based media on it (hell, or browse the web on my TV).
  7. Firewire External Audio Devices

    mildly unrelated, but on the note of *internal* m-audio stuff: Their "Revolution" drivers aren't so bad, and someone makes osx86 drivers for some of the cards from that series. They sound *really* nice.. OS X drivers are just basic i/o (stereo), but if you game it's a great card! the dude has his OS X drivers at: http://www.audio-evolution.com/drivers/
  8. IMO the easiest way to dual-boot is to get two drives. put OS X on one and whatever else on the second. if your BIOS has a boot-menu (say, hit f12) it's really easy to pick the second drive.. useless if your mobo has no such feature, but i think most do these days?
  9. Vista/Mac OS X

    why would you do that? get rid of vista! i'm running osx and vista on the same box (with two drives) and Vista doesn't behave any differently than normal. i only boot into it for games, but you know
  10. just to add to a topic people might find with searches, below is a codec for the STAC9247D on boards like the intel BLKD975XBX2KR this works with applehdapatcher (i used v1.16) with an EFI string for the sound card on a VANILLA kernel!
  11. STAC9274D Drivers?

    i used iatkos 5i on a bad axe board (See sig) It has same card, the STAC9274D. I am using an EFI string that includes the audio (as well as both network and the display cards), and the attached codec dump with AppleHDAPatcher v1.16, works fine! should also point out i'm using vanilla kernel STAC9247D_codec_dump.txt
  12. AD1988B, damn'it!

    honestly i don't like onboard sound. if you're building a rig for dual-booting into windows for games, check out getting an older sound blaster card and using the kX drivers, or an m-audio card or similar and using the drivers at http://www.audio-evolution.com/drivers/ onboard sound is tinny sounding and noisy and usually uses CPU, grab a decent PCI card and pop it in. most can be had for <$75
  13. BadAxe2 Dillemma

    which mobo specifically? i have a badaxe 2 board (see sig) and i got sound working i think with a STAC codec+patched AppleHDA+EFI string for audio on iATKOS 5i with vanilla kernel and PC-EFI. iATKOS did not install the stuff, i did. let me know if it's the same card/board, i have all the boomarks i used on delicious
  14. Try hitting escape repeatedly at boot. I do it this way on a Gigabyte board, but it lets me hit F12 to pick a boot device, then lets me expand "SATA" good luck!