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  1. Thanks BlackCH...I was think of upgrading anyway to an newer system.
  2. Hi all, I currently use my 2008 C2D Macbook Pro to audio work with VSTs, such as NI Massive and Reaktor. However, I am finding that Speedstep causes CPU usage issues with these VSTs - this can be fixed by removing IntelCPUPowerManagement.kext, but I loose sleep support in doing so. I've tried the various alternative kext on this site, but none give me both control over Speedstep + sleep support. Can anyone comment on how the new i5/i7 CPUs handle audio work? I'm concerned that Turbo Boost will cause me similar issues if I upgrade to a 2011 Mac Mini. It's a shame that Apple don't allow us control over power management profiles, in a similar fashion to Windows. Thanks!
  3. Bus Error in 10.4.8

    Can anyone help with this or at least confirm if their clear command is OK with Jas 10.4.8? Thanks
  4. Bus Error in 10.4.8

    Hi All, Installed Jas 10.4.8 DVD after formatting a new partition. Installed OK but now when typing "Clear" in Terminal I receive a "Bus error" message. This command was OK when using 10.4.1 - can anyone explain this? Thanks
  5. Hi All, I'm very impressed with the Titan kext and it's opened up a lot of potential for my XPS 400. However, the one thing that bothers me is the fan speed of the Nvidia 6800 when OS X is booted. After installing Mac OS X 10.4.8, I added the device ID (0x01c110) to NVDAResman.kext, NVDANV40Hal.kext and Geforce.kext. The fan speed now throttled to it's lowest setting and I was happily using this without QI. The Titan kext came along and I installed, adding QI, but the fan speed is maxed out after booting to OS X. When booting to Safe Mode, the fan speed is back down to a barely audible setting. My question is, is there any possibility of controlling the fan speed whilst the Titan kext is loaded? Thanks for any help in advance