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  1. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests PART II

    Apology accepted. I think it's far better to learn how to install the retail pack and deal with the problems manually as you go than to have someone else do the work for you (especially if that person if a novice themselves). I never said I would or could do it better than you. I found this file in my /System/Library/PreferencePanes folder so I deleted it, this is not related to your pack as I stated. On the trackpad issue however, in my /System/Library/PreferencePanes folder I had a Trackpad.prefPane.backup file and my System Preferences would not open. It turns out that this backup file was in there because you mistakenly put a space in the /System/Library/PreferencePanes folder in your installer so the correct file copied over to the WRONG place. Why don't you do some more testing before you release these things or better yet, give them up altogether and use your excellent writing skills to produce good documentation. you're right, must have been the scotch. I've heard the word segway being used as a verb many times at different places by native English speakers. I don't need you to correct my English and I only need to remind you that there are many people of many different nationalities who speak many different native languages so correcting someone on a likely unintentional misuse of a word is simply an attempt to belittle others and is plain rude... You want more Englsh, KMA.. Go and figure out what that means. In my system, there is, otherwise you get an "Operation not permitted".
  2. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests PART II

    Just installed it on a perfectly working Mini and I get a "No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key". This also happened to me the last time I installed one of your packs. I don't see what the problem is, I downloaded it to the hard drive and ran it from there.... UPDATE: I reinstalled Chameleon using the following instructions: Right clicked on your package and found the Chameleon i386 folder and copied it to my HD, then I opened Terminal and "cd /i386" sudo ./fdisk440 -f boot0 -u -y /dev/disk0 sudo dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdisk0s2 sudo cp boot / sudo ./fdisk440 -e /dev/disk0" & "f 2" & "write" & "y" & "exit" which will make the partition active. After I fixed Chameleon it booted and I then put my mini to sleep, it woke up just fine but my USB bluetooth adapter did not work upon wake, so I unplugged and replugged it and I got a KP... Rebooted with a -f and then did: sudo rm -fr /System/Library/Caches/* sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions sudo reboot even after I did this, I get KP after waking using sleep, in addition, my bluetooth mouse takes much longer to get working after booting up (about 10 seconds compared to almost immediately before). Now the good side, I opened up terminal and did "sudo pmset hibernatemode 25" and put the computer to sleep which is actually hibernate in this mode and it worked 100%, woke up just fine and very quickly and the bluetooth connected right away... This is actually the preferred mode for me because it takes no time at all to resume. I'm unable to open System Preferences anymore, it quits unexpectedly. I discovered a FakeSMC.kext in there so I deleted it, probably not related to your pack... What I did find is a file called trackpad.prefpane.backup so I moved that to the desktop and then deleted it from /System/Library/Preference Panes and I was then able to get into Preference Panes... I removed the .backup from the file and moved it back in and it still works... It took a while but it's done! I was able to fix this because of what I've learned in the time since I started Hackintoshing, it's a great way to learn more about OSX and a great way to appreciate the $$$ of doing this versus going and buying a real MacBook Air (which is much cheaper than this!) but if it wasn't for what I know now after reading this forum for months I wouldn't have figured myself out of this and simply concluded that Kappy's install pack screwed up my computer... In short, I think you should get out of this pack business so that folks like theKing can go about the real work... These packs are a real segway to progress... IMHO...
  3. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests PART II

    I'm currently running the latest stuff on the projectosx page as compiled by Tetonne which is the same as what you have here in your pack. The only issue that I have with my mini is that the computer stays on when I use hibernate, it writes the memory contents to the hard drive and it stays on until you shut it down or it runs out of battery, when you turn it back on, it resumes correctly... http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?...ost&p=13111
  4. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests PART II

    Hello Tetonne: Thanks for stepping in and helping us with our Mini. I just have a couple of requests about the new pack: Can you show on #1 below on the instructions the commands to manually install the bootloader? I know that I can find them myself and I have done this before but it's not something I do everyday, even though I prefer this "hands on approach" because you learn more from it. For the sake of good documentation in the pack, can you please put this in there? For #3, can you be a little more specific about the KextUtility step? I've tried to drag multiple kexts into KextUtility, is this the right way to install kexts using this program or do I need to drag one at a time without waiting for permissions to repair or can I cancel the permissions repair until I finish installing the final kext? Also, it would be real nice if someone who has a 3GB mini would post if the 20110223 pack worked on theirs... Thanks Tetonne and all the others for your time and efforts.
  5. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests PART II

    I'm having a problem where if I use "pmset hibernatemode 3" and the I put the system to sleep, when I turn it back on there is a black screen and I have to power cycle the mini... If I set the hibernatemode to 25, which means that the system will hibernate and shut down right away, it works perfectly, wakes up and loads from the drive with no problems. USB and wireless (I have an Apple Airport Extreme mini PCI-e that works great) work fine after sleep. The fan seems to be running faster than it should and the battery left is 3:39 after a full charge. I have 3GB of RAM. I'm using a DSDT file dated 1/5/2011 11:13PM and ChameleonRC5r671... I had all sorts of trouble getting it all installed from scratch and I had to start with RP 1.2 and then upgrade everything with the king's stuff. My SD reader doesnt work either but it could be after waking from hibernate... Any way to fix my sleep issue and the fan speed?
  6. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests PART II

    I'm in good shape now. I think there may be a problem with the AppleACPIPS2Nub.KEXT in your package because your installer came up with an error after completing and prior to rebooting. I installed one that I had that consisted of AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext and ApplePS2Controller.kext that I found in the development thread at Project OSX and it all works now... The blank screen is fixed as well... Thanks! Thanks for the tip!
  7. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests PART II

    FYI, I installed your new 1.5 package and lost keyboard, trackpad... I am able to use usb keyboard so I'm in the process of reinstalling all of the old kexts... I installed your 1.5 to try and fix a black screen on wake issue...
  8. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests PART II

    Hi Elrom, I was getting the same error as you upon waking up after installing the king stuff. I fixed it by installing the CPUIDOverride and CPUSymbols kexts from the /Bootloader/Alternative folder in the 1.2 retail pack and it fixed this. I dragged one of the kexts at a time into KextUtility to install them because when you drag multiple kexts into kext utility it only seems to install one. I was also having a lot of trouble with theking stuff until I deleted all of the kexts in the EFI partition and reinstalled all of the kexts in the 1.2 retail pack as mentioned above. I did run into a lot of trouble when I tried to delete the stuff in the EFI partition, I just left the Extra folder and the boot file in there with no additional kexts and it started working fine. This conflict is probably the reason why theking does not want you to mix files. It would be nice if someone would document how to get rid of the entire EFI partition and boot up from the root drive instead so that these conflicts don't happen in the future. hope this helps.
  9. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests PART II

    Thanks guys... What I'm trying to do is get rid of the EFI partition altogether which I guess is counterproductive since there are no kexts in there to interfere with S/L/E... If the EFI partition needs to be there then we can leave it. I thought it was all a simple process of deleting the stuff in the EFI and setting the main partition active but I tried this and I got a blinking cursor when booting.
  10. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests PART II

    Hello All and Merry Christmas! I installed the new stuff from The King/Retail Pack 1.2 and I wasn't getting full video acceleration or sound. This was my fault because I still had some old kexts in the EFI partition. I mounted my EFI partition and deleted all of its contents but the Mini wouldn't boot because with a "boot: error" which means that it can't find the boot file in the active partition. I then copied a boot file and an extra folder with no kexts back into the EFI partition and everything is working great except for waking from sleep would get a KP (I have a 3GB Mini Atom N270). That was fixed by installing the CPUIDOverride and CPUIDSymbols kexts from the /Bootloader/Alternative folder in the 1.2 retail pack. So now everything is awesome except that I would like to get rid of the EFI partition so that it does not interfere in the future. If How can I delete the EFI partition and set the main partition active, I'm using GUID, not MBR.... Also if you don't mind, if I upgrade my hard drive in the future can I use CCC to easily clone it to a bigger one just like on a real mac (will it clone chameleon and stuff) ?
  11. Flash 10.1 - The real deal?

    I know that this is an old post but I noticed that on my 311, Flash videos @ 720p and 1080p would be slow but HD videos in iPhoto that play under Quicktime would be just fine. I downloaded the Youtube5 Safari plugin and any HD video plays perfect from YouTube now with about 40% CPU usage... Impressive!
  12. HELP with Asus N10 OS X install.....

  13. HELP with Asus N10 OS X install.....

    Ok, got it working but... On step #8 of method 1 /boot/chameleon needs to be /boot/chameleon/boot. I've put my Vista hd back in as it's really not worth it without sound/usb/sleep/wifi/hotkeys... Hopefully more OSX86 experts will pay more attention to this unique netbook. Thank you for your guide!
  14. HELP with Asus N10 OS X install.....

    Studied your guide a bit and here's what I've tried so far: I have a spare 100GB SATA notebook drive that I'm using for this experiment so my main OS (Vista) is safe. I've tried step 1 & 2 (in reverse order) Step 2: Partitioned the drive with a 10GB XP partition, installed VMWare 1.07, created the VM, had some difficulty with getting the iso image recognized but eventually got over that by using magicdisc. It would never make it past the text screens, it would error out. If I used a -v -x switch at the prompt it would take much longer to error out but would never make it. I tried different settings per http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Vmware_how_to (this thread is 10.4.x specific but could not find a 10.5.4 thread for installing under vmware) but had absolutely no luck getting past the text debug screen where it would hand. I wonder if it's because I need a different iso image and not one that is customized for a netbook. Also tried changing the OS type in VMWare to Windows NT and "Other" but neither worked. then tried your Step 1: Blew away the XP OS, installed Ubuntu in an extended 20GB partition but I can't extract the flat image file from the main partition in the iso because there's no real mac (or hack) around. Is there any other way to extract this partition from the ISO file maybe natively in Ubuntu? Any help would be great... Also, does anyone know if features such as Nvidia purevideo acceleration for x264 files work under osx?